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  1. Is it me but in the highlight feature the ref blows his whistle when the ball is in the air and signals VAR referral, shouldn't the ball go dead before a referral?
  2. how can it not have broken realase date if people have preloaded it whats the difference between that and getting the cd early please explain
  3. thats my point forest how can sega complain about shops selling early when they are doing so themselves via stream, if i was major retailer i'd be selling as soon as i got stock and if sega came to me iwould point out they pre sold it first which is what i am doing, you cant have your cake and eat which is what sega are doing. Kriss it isnt a problem off money, i have pre order via internet before only for the game to turn up 3 days after release. i dont like stream and have brought the box verison sinceway back when. i just want an even playing field which sega are stopping retail shops providing
  4. so tell me what the difference is between preload by the way i bet they've taken the money which is a sale and not be able to play until 00.01 tonight and me buying it from a shop today snd not be sble to play at 00.01 tonight. all im saying is if sega want to try and stop retailers from selling early they should not do so themselves they cant moan at shops that do when doing it themselves, if they want to have an official acttvation date i dont have a problem with that but let the shops sell it when they get it so everyone can get to activate at the same time
  5. so now your saying i cant buy it whenever i want because you wont offically let them sell it until the release date but you sre letting stream sell it. may i suggest you stop stream from selling it if you dont want shops to break yor offical release date or in furture stop selling sega games due to the double standards
  6. no they can sell it early matt from sega said so, stream are allowed to so terefore everyone else can
  7. the game doesnt offically release until the 21sttom try it at 00.01 tonight
  8. so i can go down and buy the game now them from my local reatiler without an issue then?
  9. why did Matt close this thread and not answer the question of why stream customers are allowed to buy and pre load early and retail shop customers not http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/278973-Fao-Matt-Sega
  10. so are you saying then that it is okay for shops to sell the game early as people will only be allowed to pre load the game, then i can print this off go to my local store and get a boxed copy early?
  11. but they have the ability to put the boxed version on a shelf which you say they cant do officially until the 21st but allow stream to put it on there shelfs earlier giving them an advantage, you moaned your butts off in previous years when retailers sold it before offical release date and now you are letting your offical partner do so.
  12. Why is Sega allowing it to be downloaded from Stream but not offically allow shops to sell it until the 21st a bit of double standards there. Stream is a shop after and these people are gaining an advantage as to when they can play the game.
  13. why not changeyour odds to decimal instead of fractions might make it eaier for you
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