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  1. They are very different players. Rodyrgo İnside forward, Joao AMC and FC If you need a İnside player, you can buy Rodyrgo, If you need a centre player, you can buy Joao..
  2. Every FM gamer using same player (Xadas, Tonali, Almeda) vs So boring.
  3. Origi - (Free half of season) De Light Vargas Everton Soares Dani Olmo
  4. Why you`re searching players. Use Pellegrini. He is great player.
  5. Paulo Diaz from San lorenzo. He is great defender. I used him with Angella. Left back Luca Germoni from Lazio, Right back Pol Liralo from Sassuolo. My first season with Udinese I finished 6th. I bought onyl Diaz. Second season 4th. Thirt season 3th and fourth season I won Seri A.. Rodrigo De Paul, Lasagna, Balic, Barak, Jantko so cool players. And fallow Coulibaly. He is great wonderkid. If you need a tactic, I can share with you my tactic.
  6. Position ? I Managed Udinese, ıt was very funny and maybe I can help you..
  7. I Started in Seri A with Sassuolo. So many young and talanted players playing Seri A. Kean, Orsolini, Cutrone, Pinamonti, D'Amico, Chiesa, Meret, Capezzi, Politano, Murgia bla,bla. I thing best young players in Seri A. 4-5 years later ıts very enjoyable playing this league. I Love Seri A.. I have so strong tactic and 4th season I won the Seri A with Sassuolo..
  8. Yeah possible of course. I`m using 4-2-3-1 Counter mentality with short passing and low tempo as Dortmund. You have to try my formation. If you wanna try my tactic here ! http://dosya.co/n7gc85gfyn8d/4-2-3-1_Kontra_38D8CB1F-B8C0-495E-BBAB-3010222F6F06.fmf.html You`ll see.
  9. Sorry Man; Retired staff Misimovic Galatasaray was 1 year. Almost 2 in the Retired Carrusca season was more of a time.
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