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  1. It's just a small detail but I am missing the opposition player numbers on the opposition formation graphic in the match screen, do you know what I mean?
  2. It is no longer possible to set specific marking in the "pitch screen", is it? It's only possible in tactics, right? I thougt it was possible in fm13 and it was way easier and quicker.
  3. It's simple math: Let's say he earns 100k/week, 3 year contract => 15,6 mill. salary for the guy pay 36k/week => 5,6 mill. for 3 years so you safe 10 mill in salary + you get 3.8 mill transfer fee so not a bad deal for a unwanted player
  4. How does it work with "personal instructions" versus shouts, e.g. instructions to press more and shout "close down less" What counts more? instruction or shout? thanks
  5. Anymore recommendations for good tutors? For a trequastista?
  6. Hi guys! I'm looking for some good tutors in fm 2013. Couldn't find any similiar thread. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Counter Balanced Shorter passing Drill Crosses I think that's it I use some shouts: Retain possesions hassle opp. push higher stay on feet play into space
  8. Hi guys! Need your help! What kind off tactic do you use? I'm struggling with my 4-1-2-2-1 I got a lot of new players for season 2, maybe this is also a major problem (team cohesion,...) My usual starting line up looks like: Der Stegen WBL - A : Alaba WBR - A: Johnson CBL - D : Agger BPD - D : Hummels DM - D : M'Villa DLP - S : Lucas ADP - A : Hamsik IF - A : Isco W - S : Gerrard Treq: Suarez I can't create enough CCCs. Any advice?
  9. Cheers Fancy I guess the fact that you play with fullbacks on automatic duty gives your defence a better shape. I will give it a try tomorrow!
  10. Thanks Cleon for your answer. Yes I do most of the games in full. You are right, my 3 front players are isolated. Do you think it helps to set one Inside Forward on support and the striker as an DLF? I've got a lot of goals created with trough passes. I use the shout "pass to space". My players often play it to the oppenent, maybe I should change it to "pass to feet" to increase possesion. Do you think it is a problem when I play Hamsik as the DLP on defence, because of his ppm "get forward os often as possible"?
  11. Thanks. Sounds logical. I think the biggest problem is that I'd like to implement the Barca approach, but let's be honest, I don't have the right players. Do you think I should change from wingbacks to fullbacks? I would prefer wingbacks because I play with inside forwards but not sure.
  12. Hi there! I am on a real bad run so I ask you guys for some help. I read Wwfan's barca tactic and i build my tactic on his inputs. My problem is that I got a lot of goals and cannot create enough clear-cut-chances. see some screenshots from my formation: I use this shouts: Here u can see my results so far: For a better understanding I'd like to point out the 0:3 loss againt norwich: see some statistics I hope some of you can give me so advice. If you need more information please let me know cheers
  13. Is it no longer possible to re-call players on loan? Can't find this option. Thanks for your help!
  14. Hi, I don't know whether it is a bug or not: I'd like my keeper to distribute the ball short to one of my full backs. I selected defender collect and DR in the players tactics screen. If he gets the ball it works fine but with goals kicks he always makes a long shot. How can I change this or is it a bug? It worked in FM12. My keeper passed the ball to either DR or DL. Thanks for your help!
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