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  1. yep....i get more youth intake, but it's still the same problem of just having the youth come from the countries I am playing with, Italy, England, Spain for me here H E L P ????
  2. update after update, im still facing this issue....I get ton of talent from Italy, England and Spain...the 3 loaded nations....the rest...ONLY from the nations that are loaded they'll come through their youth ranks... this year's version really disappointing
  3. hi @9craiggibson I also have 0, like literally 0 South American newgens! I have the same issue with SA players, or any players from ANY country that is not playable only appear from teams in active leagues which for me are Italy, England and Spain.....even French teams dont have regens??? H E L P?
  4. thanks mate, but I imagine with technology these days the game itself can/will recognize system specs and will either "allow" for extended career or the limited 30 years we get...I mean...what's the point when I usually end up with like 6-7 30 year saves anyway, I want to see the year 2100 lol I shall continue to submit as a feature request, persistence pays off, sometimes!
  5. Hi everyone... I am sure that the entire team working on FM and in particular FM Touch has looked into this...I was thinking... I know storage is/will become an issue with later seasons/saves, but since most newer devices have much bigger hard drives...is there ANY possibility that we can do it so that the user can choose the "30 year save or forever and ever save" lol or the system can determine if the device is good for 30 or ∞ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you consider this? I end up with my best wonderkids coming to me at season 27 and its a shame I am not able to nur
  6. hi @Harry Dunning thanks for the detailed answer mate, much appreciated....one last question... if i've got a save already in the game, updated to 21.3, will I see the differences you mentioned? or will I have to start a brand new save? Thank you and I hope we're finally past this issue here, thanks for taking the time to get back to us on this, I know I've been a pain!
  7. hi @Harry Dunning @Harrison Modeste Any luck on this? I just updated to 21.3 on iPad...was this issue part of the fix? or are we still unaware of what the cause is for no youth intake?
  8. yes, so I am not alone, can this PLEASE be looked at? really depressing playing with no youth intake at all
  9. hi guys...any news on this? it's really frustrating playing the game as it is...obviously one of the joys of the game is unearthing wonderkids from other nations...help!
  10. hey guys...so I'm playing in Italy with England and Spain as the other playable leagues, however, in previous versions of FM, the youth intake is abundant across all leagues/nations...however with FM21, I am only seeing youth intake from Italy, England and Spain... any Brazilian, Argentine, Belgian or just ANY COUNTRY the players are generated from one of the 3 leagues.... i posted this on the bugs forum, but havent had much luck and others have had the same issues as I have, can anyone else confirm they're having this issue? should I uninstall and reinstall my game? not gonna do muc
  11. is there a way that we can remove this 30 season limit? for ALL Touch versions? I'm currently playing on iPad....would be great to not have a limit of 30 seasons
  12. yeah, i've been having these issues as well, just thought it would indicate where the player has been playing mostly recently...hope this, along with some of the other issues get resolved soon
  13. ok so I had updated to the latest version, started a new career...summer of 2022...nothing much has changed...hoping things pick up and i see some south american talent along with every other nation that im not playing with
  14. hey guys...what version of the game are you playing? I recently updated to newest version so let's see if this works, or we may just need to wait for an update
  15. yes, i have the same problems, i've sent in screenshots in a previous post, but yes, same problem 13 years in and going, even after updating the version of the game
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