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  1. In my save I'm up to 10th January in my first season at Newcastle. On the transfer front, not a huge amount of activity - I've brought in Dan Crowley from Willem II for £5m (£5.5m), Re-signed Kevin Mbabu from Young Boys for £12.5m (£13m) and also picked up Samir Nasri on a free (Who has only made 2 appearances so far due to his global ban until 31/12/18). No outgoings as yet, other than Jamie Sterry and Callum Roberts going out on loan. Things started off well, won all 7 of my friendlies, scoring 12 and conceding 1. Then day one of the league season got off to a cracking start with a 4-0 win over Huddersfield, with Rondon bagging twice on his debut, and I thought I was ready to take the league by storm. Second game of the season that all came crashing down with a 7-1 drubbing at Anfield, and an early Carabao Cup exit at home against Wolves shortly followed. I steadied the ship with a run of 5 wins (albeit mixed with 2 defeats) in 7 games, but then went on a frustrating run of 7 games where I lost once and drew the other 6. Since then I've had a win, draw and a defeat. In my most recent match, we comfortably seen off Swansea with 2-0 home win in the FA Cup 3rd round. Norwich visit SJP in round 4. Next up is a trip to 10th placed Crystal Palace. So that means my league record looks like this; Position: 8th - P 21 - W 7 - D 8 - L 6 - GF 30 - GA 26 - Pts 29 It's definitely a team effort so far, with the goals and assists being shared around the team, with no one player running away in terms of stats. Goals: 5 - Ayoze 4 - Muto, Ritchie 3 - Rondon, Joselu, Shelvey 2 - Atsu, Diame 1 - Yedlin, Murphy, Crowley, Hayden, Dummett Assists: 4 - Atsu, Ritchie 3 - Dummett, 2 - Muto, Shelvey, Diame 1 - Mbabu, Yedlin, Ayoze, Manquillo, Joselu, Murphy, Crowley Main priority now in the January transfer window is a young left back as I really only have Dummett. Lazaar hasn't played much, and following Nasri's signing it was Lazaar who I cut from the Premier League squad - So I am looking to move him on. I have Mbabu and Manquillo who can both play there but neither are rated too highly in that position. Happy to take any suggestions people might have! Lastly just to add, I was also taken over by Thodoris Zagorakis, although I've not had any additional funds my way so I only have around £10m to spend (plus what I could make from selling Lazaar and Darlow, who is transfer listed after complaining about the lack of first team football)
  2. I 100% agree with this. I have tried in many previous other games to wrap my head around the training, with little success. I wouldn't describe myself as a 'casual' FM player by any means but I have an Xbox and a PS4, and a large gaming backlog (That's without mentioning a full time job and a social life) - I just don't have the time or inclination to really get to grips with (what seems very much like) a complex training system when the time I spend on the game can be somewhat limited as it is. Fully respect those who have the time and manage to master it, but when it's just as easy to delegate it to the AM, thereby allowing me time to play an extra match or two a night, then I'm gonna choose that option.
  3. Getting Dirk Kuyt to score 50+ goals in a single season for me at Chelsea.
  4. Can't say I've heard of this before. Strange - Do you have any custom skins and/or graphics installed? Are you playing in windowed mode or full screen?
  5. Yeah - I am finding this out now. In my second season with Arsenal and my two philosophies are to play attacking football and possession football. They are very happy with my attacking football but not so much with possession football. I am consistently getting over 50% in the majority of my matches but rarely reach 60%. Gonna see if I can get it removed next chance I get. Tried to do it when negotiating a new contract around the end of my first season but they wouldn't go for it.
  6. I'll start with the team I support, Newcastle United. See how I get on with that then I tend to like to start a game as a top 4 side from England or Spain. I have the utmost respect for anybody who has the patience and dedication to take a team from the very bottom to the very top, but it's something I have never been able to stick with and follow through, although I hope to do so one day. So I like to take over a big team with a big budget as that's how I enjoy the game the most.
  7. Is this "honest mistake" similar to (or the same as) the option which allows you to select apologising due to an administrative error? I accidentally left out Ozil from my Champions League squad last night and basically just backed out and bottled the conversation because I didn't think he'd react well to that.
  8. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Serge Gnabry Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Bayern Munich Player's Value: £8.5m Offer: £5.25m up front, £5m over 12 months, £3m after 10 league apps, £600k per league apps (10 apps) £3m after 10 league goals Transfer/Wage Budget: £31.9m / £111k p/w Patch: 15.3.2 Season: 15/16 I have Ozil, De Bruyne, Sanchez, Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott who can play in his position(s) and aside from Podolski all of the others are currently ahead of him in my pecking order, but he has age on his side. I don't need to sell but at the minute he's only in my plans for cup games and/or games against really poor opposition. He wants to leave for Bayern too.
  9. I see, in that case I retract my statement of doubt!
  10. Hmmm he's got Paint open in his screenshots and in the first one, in the actual article text there's a spelling mistake "Movemeber". I smell something fishy, and I'm not talking about Baldrick's apple crumble!
  11. I believe this has been discussed on numerous occasions and is never likely to be implemented. That's what it's Football "Manager" and not Football "Chairman". I don't know anything about programming or designing a game but I would imagine this would be a very big overhaul too. The money you "earn" as a manager is purely superficial and cannot be used in any way, shape or form.
  12. I'd agree with this. It would definitely filter back to the manager of the club in some way, shape or form. In fact IRL 9 times out of 10 it'd likely end up in the papers at some point so it'd be readily available information.
  13. So I'm playing as Newcastle, and I've had a pretty rough time of it so far. In the first season I've been at 'very insecure' job status. I seem to be pulling it back in my favour and have won three league games on the spin. I go into what should be a straightforward 3rd round FA Cup tie at home to Reading, 20th in the Championship. I play a reasonably strong team with a couple of fringe and youth players in there, and I give Olivier Kemen his senior debut. I'm 1-0 up with about half an hour left and Kemen gets his second yellow card for a stupid trip in the centre circle, it's the turning point as I end up losing 2-1. I flipped, just completely saw red. Expletives filled the air and I told Kemen aggressively that I was very disappointed in him being sent off. I tell the press he will sit out the next games until he's learned the error of his ways, and I fine him a weeks wages. He comes to me concerned about that, so I tell him to man up and get on with it as he isn't changing my mind. His attitude riles me even further and now I've demoted him to the U18's and am attempting to offload him. He's now very much top of my hit list and I've already decided will never play for the club again. Then I get to thinking... Wow that was a bit much wasn't it? :o:o The daft thing is it isn't the first time I've ostracised somebody in FM because of something ultimately trivial. Funny how this game can get to you isn't it?
  14. Hi guys, Something I've been wondering since FM14 - What's the best reply to give when you get asked about who you think the opposition weak link is? I always choose 'no comment' as I'm forever fearful that if I choose one of the players on the list they'll have a blinder against me. Can this actually work at all if you play it right?
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