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  1. If the winter update is to be the last version of FM19 then I can't help feeling disappointed. I gave up on it after the last patch and now I'm giving up on it again. I don't expect it to be perfect and I can forgive many things that others call game-breaking, but the 3D match still glitches occasionally, as if some of the frames between the animation have been lost, and, also occasionally, a rather gentle shot will still ricochet off my keeper like a guided missile. Niggles like these destroy any sense of immersion. and remind me that what I'm experiencing is, after all, just a game. As an aside, the winter update also causes my hi-spec gaming laptop to run extremely hot, resulting in the fan going nuts as well. I've given 19 more attempts than 18 but now I'm afraid it's back to FM17 for me. And I don't think I'll bother with 20.
  2. Feedback on FM19 after 350 hours of playing: There really is a lot to like in this iteration, far more so than FM18, which I abandoned after trying every patched version. Dynamics is implemented better, and there are a lot of thoughtful little touches, such as the introduction of spaces between the sectors in Staff Assignments and the option to add column separators in the Squad screen, and the football played in the match can be almost Man City-like in its attractiveness. But the interface still has rough edges, with some tasks being implemented rather clumsily, and annoying graphic glitches occur during the match, destroying any sense of immersion (yes, my Nvidia GTX1070 drivers are up to date). I have also been annoyed by issues that others have raised on this forum. Just for comparison purposes, I loaded up FM17 last night and started a new game - and it felt like coming home. Despite its age it was a far more enjoyable experience. Navigating between screens is quicker and slicker, the graphics throughout are more subtle and use less garish colours, particularly on the stadiums and the match action. In a nutshell, it looks more polished and it feels like a more professional product. Alternating between 17 and 19, it almost looks like 19's graphics and interface were developed by a different team to 17 (an accusation that could also be levelled at 18, of course). To end on a positive note, 19 is an improvement over 18 but it falls short of the joyful experience that 17 still delivers. OK, that's only really ending on a semi-positive note. Well maybe future patches will improve 19 further, and maybe I will try them and find out, but for now, and the foreseeable future, I am going back to FM17.
  3. I think that what caused this issue was quitting the game from within a match without saving (I had to go out while I match was just starting, and quit rather than wait for the match to play out). I first noticed the greyed out dropdown when I next loaded the game and it has come back several times since. I am now playing on a different laptop without any problem at all, so maybe something on my original computer took exception to the forced quit.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. The game is still playable, it just means there's a lot of extra unnecessary clicking every match day (and if I wanted that I'd go back to playing FM18 )
  5. That's another good suggestion but the issue started while I was a good few months into a save, so I already had several formations in play. On a new game it doesn't matter whether I have a formation loaded or not, unfortunately.
  6. I have also this morning deleted my preferences and cache folders from my Sports Interactive folder on my hard drive, so the game had to rebuild itself when it was next started up, and still the dropdown menu cannot be selected.
  7. Unfortunately it doesn't make any difference whether an assistant manager is there or not - I have started new games with one and without one and the option is still greyed out.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but the option is unselectable even on a new create a club game, before I have even recruited an assistant manager. I can only assume that some local file on my computer has become corrupted in some way, as uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it did not fix it - yet the option is there on an old save, and I have made no alterations to any options.
  9. No, I have been playing with the Football Manager dark skin since release day, and have never downloaded any graphic packs, tactics, or alternative skins. The option is just no longer available to me in any new game I start, either at an existing club or even when I create a club.
  10. FM17 problem. Has anyone encountered an issue where a dropdown menu can no longer be selected? Unfortunately this menu seems to be essential to the game as it's where the team is selected (see image). It has happened before on previous saves and the only way around it was to start a new game. It happened again today but no matter what I do, I cannot get it back. I have tried: verifying the game, clearing the cache, and even deleting and reinstalling the game from Steam, but even when I choose a new game on a clean install I can no longer use the Quick Pick dropdown to pick the team. I often read of issues that are game-breaking but this one truly is. Rather bizarrely, when I load a previous save the dropdown menu is active - it's only my most recent save and any new ones that have it unselectable. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Well if this is the 'final' version of FM18 then I won't be spending any more time on it. I've tried every 'version', from the Beta to the winter update, and each time I've sadly returned to FM17. Unfortunately for SI FM17 is so slick, immersive, and beautifully smooth that FM18 looks, plays, and feels inferior to its predecessor, despite the added features. The match day experience is also a step backwards, as other users have said, with its garish graphics. It's almost as if a third party developer was told to develop an FM17-beater, but they didn't quite have the required skills set to do it. A valiant attempt, but the game doesn't quite deliver. I have been playing since the Amiga days but for the first time ever I am going back to the previous version for good. Maybe the real problem is that FM17 was such a hard act to follow?
  12. Trying to make this 'constructive' criticism... After trying the game again, following the release of the latest patch, unfortunately in my opinion FM18 is still a very poor relation of FM17. The stadiums are poorly designed visually, packed with crowds all wearing the same outfits, and the 3D match still slows down when there's a lot going on, resulting in unsightly jerky movement (despite being run on an £1800 gaming laptop with GTX 1070 graphic card). There are aspects of FM18 I like - notably the Dynamics and the medical centre, which I will miss when I start a new game in FM17 - but overall the game is (currently) simply not enjoyable to play, with its drawn out pre-match nonsense, confusing scouting system, and inferior match experience. I have been playing FM for over 20 years and this is the first time I have ever reverted to a previous version of the game. Maybe I will return to FM18 after the release of the final patch, but I am not wasting any more time with the current build.
  13. I bought a gaming laptop in September, so I could enjoy FM at its fullest after having an adequate PC for years and watching the matches in medium quality. The difference in FM17 was noticeable. With FM18 though, the match action stutters and slows down every now and again, not just in high graphic setting but even in medium. To get around it I even tried watching a game in low setting, but that was so uncomfortable for my ageing eyes I cannot state whether the issue was present or not, as I turned it off. As I said, the laptop is not yet two months old and, as far as I can tell, everything is up to date on it, including drivers, and it is only used to play FM. It would be good to know if SI will be addressing this, if it's a problem that others have, or, if it's just me, it would be much appreciated if anyone can suggest a solution. The specs of the HP Omen 17 an014na are as follows: Intel i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Plus 128GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics, 8GB Dedicated, Windows 10 Home. For now I fear I will have to return to FM17, which plays beautifully in comparison.
  14. After many years of laptops with adequate graphics capabilities, and 3D match settings on low, I finally treated myself to a 'gaming' laptop a few months ago, complete with GTX1070 graphics card. The result, on FM17, was a beautifully smooth match experience although the difference between the 'low' and 'high' quality settings was nothing like as significant as I anticipated. It's better, but in subtle ways rather than 'wow'. Sadly, with FM18, the match action is jerky on the highest settings. But that's not why, for the first time ever, I've gone back to the previous version. The whole feel of the game has changed, and not for the better, and some things that were second nature in 17 are now unintuitive - if such a word exists - an example being changing the opposition instructions during a match, and the whole scouting section is just tedious. Then there's the in-game crashes: in two of the sessions I have spent with the beta the game has crashed completely at the end of a match, completely locking the computer. To conclude, the game has become much less enjoyable. In fact it's become more like work than work itself. Maybe that's a good thing, as I've spent far too many hours over the last 20-odd years engrossed in this game, so FM18 may be the first step on my path back into engaging with wider society - unless the release version is much improved of course, and then it will be back to hiding myself away again.
  15. Thank you for your reply, Luke. I have tried what you suggested and you're right: the only way to Create A Club around a Welsh team (Cardiff/Swansea/Wrexham/Newport) is to base the new club in Cardiff - trying to locate it in any other Welsh town or city doesn't work.
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