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    If it weren't for ChampMan i could of made something of myself.

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  1. Ah ok thanks. I've noticed there seems to be a lack of defensive wingers in the game which is a shame but this does seem to be the most effective system.
  2. Amazing work, thanks again. Is this list in any particular order?
  3. Is this now the tactic of choice to use? Have the others been killed by the update?
  4. Hi Knap, Thanks for all your amazing effort! Incredible. I currently Newcastle and what would you say is your favourite tactic? I've read through all your messages but I've confused myself!!
  5. Yes its A1-840 if now not compatible, i was able to download and install just two days ago. And you happily took my money! Im really annoyed about this. Its cost me £100 so far!
  6. Im now getting “your device isn’t compatible with this version” what the actual fook? i paid £20 for this just yesterday! What kind of customer experience is this?
  7. Hello, excited to play new game and just creating my manager profile but when i try to tap the next button nothing happens. The 3D image of the ‘boss’ just standing there staring at me. Any ideas? On Acer Tab 8.
  8. Oh right sorry, i thought it had actually been released hence my itchiness ! Sorry - lolzzzzz
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