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    If it weren't for ChampMan i could of made something of myself.

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  1. Yes its A1-840 if now not compatible, i was able to download and install just two days ago. And you happily took my money! Im really annoyed about this. Its cost me £100 so far!
  2. Im now getting “your device isn’t compatible with this version” what the actual fook? i paid £20 for this just yesterday! What kind of customer experience is this?
  3. Hello, excited to play new game and just creating my manager profile but when i try to tap the next button nothing happens. The 3D image of the ‘boss’ just standing there staring at me. Any ideas? On Acer Tab 8.
  4. Oh right sorry, i thought it had actually been released hence my itchiness ! Sorry - lolzzzzz
  5. Any idea when the 2018 list will be released? Can the game ONLY be played on a tablet from this list? thanks.
  6. a new Steam account? I cant switch games over accounts can i?
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