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  1. im in 2027 and last couple seasons i haven't noticed the screen at end of season that allows you to say when players are coming back for training
  2. im not finding injuries too bad usualy got around 3-4 injuries at 1 time which seems about right
  3. anyone else find there graphics card runs very hot and very loud , more than when i play skyrim/borderlands 2 on highest settings im having to play on medium settings even though it gives 5 stars not sure if problem is my end or something with game,i have installed newest drivers here my pc specs fx6300 nvidia gtx 760 8gb memory Windows 7 with all updates
  4. im managing Charlton in 2024 at the moment so have managed to get quite a good squad, although posting these results has jinxed me as just lost league cup final lol
  5. i finished that game with 9 men also , had red card in 1st half and injury in 80somin min i did upload a pkm of it last night to neil , so i think is bug of some sort , was only 3-1 at half time
  6. my results since game went live last night, not sure how to show results in post like kris did , so uploaded to imageshack , oh it posted picture lol
  7. thanks , have played about 10 games since updated to full game and all others have been normal scores so maybe a 1 off
  8. just uploaded pkm to neil so did happen , went down to 10 men in 29th min , and injury in83rd so had 9 players was 3-1 at half time , then 2nd half went crazy
  9. heyas , i have uploaded it now , name is Charlton V Tottenham.pkm will say 1 thing was quite happy this happened as one of my players scored 6 or more goals and i never managed to get that achivement on FM14
  10. i just beat spurs 14-1 at home in premier league and i finished with 9 men :S
  11. unless of course he was playing against a reserve team in the carling *or whatever it is called" cup
  12. they know about the problem but i think they messed something up in game to create the problem as at the moment they don't how to fix the issue or they do know but it's complicated and will take some time to fix ;(
  13. yes this annoys me a bit along with not being able have a match overview screen like in previous versions of the game
  14. i imagine a mod will close this as should be posted in feedback thread unless they like this thread as it seems thread related in any way to FM13 should be closed
  15. they seem to be closing all thread about the demo , and very little on forums about it , SI/sega obviously trying to hold as long as they can in hope they get as many pre orders from people desperate to try the game
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