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  1. I am still using the tactic, drawing near the end of my first season with Milan, i'm in second place behind Juve i mean Dybala! , i started tinkering with the tactic, i changed the formation to 4-2-3-1 wide with verylittle changes(or no changes i cant remember lol maybe just offside trap), success continues because the core team instructions are spot on, Carlos Bacca leading the scoring charts with 30 goals, and i got like 8 games to go, hes gonna break higuains record last season. Also i mainly used Luis Adriano next to him, and he is leading the assist charts with 11 iirc, gonna post some screenshots after work,
  2. Looking great! Amazing defensive record there, I will try it soon, I havent seen the pi's but i gotta question, have you tried using direct passing in team instructions and shorter in player instructions? This year playing narrow and using those passing settings seems to do the trick
  3. Hi there i'm a long time lurker and playing the game for like 17 years trying tons of tactics this year as i cant seem to do anything my own I just wanted to say ARE U KİDDİNG ME!!! WHAT İS THAT!!! My first game was against Palermo, i scored the first goal ok, but i was struggling to be honest, then i got a red card and changed "short passing" in TI to "Mixed" and noticed that my right side was better so changed right forward to attack, left forward to support Started the Roma game with the previous tactic and OH MY GOD Lets see what kind of crazy would happen next game
  4. 4411 !!!FM17KnapDG4411P53_28B4F77B-084A-49C9-A9AA-41B69C81E068.fmf This one i guess
  5. this must be the most common ppm "likes to shoot from byline and hits the side net while he has 3 unmarked teammates in the penalty area" another one; "agrees with you that certain player doesn't deserve first team football" after selling that certain player "wants to be transfer listed because the team is weaker now"
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