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  1. I got tired of manually setting the opponent instructions every match so I made a script using the freeware Autohotkey-program. 1. Download and install Autohotkey 2. Download the kimz-script (it's just plain text instructions, you can open and view it in notepad) 3. Doubleclick the file to get the script running This script mimics mouse movements and mouse clicks. Now, when you're in the "Opposition instructions"-screen in the match-tactics, press ALT-F1 to set tight marking to "always" for every midfielder and attacker. This works with the default skin, if you're using siple ultimate right-skin, press ALT-F2 instead. You still have to check the tackling and right/left foot settings manually (see page 14 of this topic) but it saves a lot of clicks anyways.
  2. You might want to check the long shots settings. If I find that I'm wasting chances, I set them to "rarely" for all my players except for the 2, 3 that are outstanding with long shots. This seems to reduce the number of poor shots (they now only shoot from distace when they've got a good chance to score) and increase the number of good chances. Oddly enough, the number of goals from distance also increases, probably because the players tend to keep on passing the ball which often creates good space for someone to shoot from distance. I was disappointed with this tactic as well but I stuck with it. It took a year to kick in for my Feyenoord team, but moments ago I demolished PSV 7-1 and Ajax 8-0. You will need a good keeper and 2 DC's though. They need to be fast and have good positioning skills, as the main threat are balls played behind your defence.
  3. True, but the 2.1/2.2 tactics just got worse and worse with my team. I started using the 2.1-version with the v1 layout and that one did give me some acceptable results though. With some faster defenders next season it could start to look like something nice.
  4. Yet another tactic that seems to work for everyone else but gets my team into complete ruins. 8 matches played with Feyenoord with OI and the works: won 2, drew 5, lost 1. I could get better results playing 2-2-6. I'll try it for half a season but so far I'm very disappointed.
  5. -- Match fitness This HAS to be fixed. You want your players to stay match fit so you send them to the reserves "until match fit" only to find out that the assistant does not play them because he's playing some useless 14 year olds. The only way to keep your selection match fit is to take control of the reserve matches yourself. This means that about 20-30% of your game time is wasted on a utterly boring part of the game. In other words, because SI still has not been able to do a proper job on this part of the game, it adds a big, frustrating and tiresome aspect to the game. For years I've been wondering when SI will understand that that is not the way to make an attractive game. -- Balancing referees It's possible to get the same referee over and over again. This has to be fixed in the future: in real life, no team would ever get the same referee twice in a row, let alone 3 times a month or so. -- Transfer messages Another bug that has been in the game for ages and really needs to be fixed: when I tell a team I'm not going to sell them my player, they should not come asking 6 hours later if I want to sell them the same player. -- Better use of the assistant The role of the assistant manager is pretty pointless at them moment. The team reports are hardly usefull since the stats will tell you which players are best, and the team talks he gives consist of nothing more than yelling "do it for the fans!!" 100% of the time.
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