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  1. Thanks, yes it was the real name fix, damn, lost half season Ha legközelebbi database updatekhez kellene segítség szólj, dolgoztam a 2014-15-16-on is nem keveset
  2. Logo pack i think can't cause that, but real name fix probably, let me check
  3. Latest build, english. And it's not all about the accents, "Paksi" with "I" letter at the end in our language means "from Paks city" if there's no Football Club after the city name it's just wrong, so it must be Paks
  4. Very easy for me also, controlling low - mid team and won 23/24 match with no new players at team, and using only my own amateur tactic what i made in one and a half minute.
  5. Club names should be: Újpest not Ujpest Paks not Paksi Ferencváros not Ferencvaros Puskás Akadémia not Puskas Akademia Mezőkövesdi SE or Mezőkövesd not Mezokovesdi SE Diósgyőri VTK or Diósgyőr not Diosgyor VTK Szombathelyi Haladás or Haladás not Szombathelyi Haladas Honvéd not Honved
  6. Some of the clubs have incorrect name, like "PAKSI" is not correct at all, also there are club names with accentuated letters, while others not?
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