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  1. If we can't beat one of those teams over 180 mins then we wouldn't deserve to be in the CL. I mean it's not like we are playing Valencia.
  2. Any of them will be absolutely fine. I'd like to play Monaco and show Arsenal how it is done.
  3. Of course the 2007 side was better than the 2011 side. Both teams won the league only that year, so the achievements were the same. When the achievements are the same you can argue which is better. However when the achievement is so far off, for example PL, CL + FA compared to just PL, there is no comparison. The united 99 was one of a kind, they had the hardest possible draw in the CL yet came out superior. Combined with tough FA cup draw and a hard fought league.
  4. PL, CL and FA cup not much difference and only "slightly" better than a PL by itself? ok, each to their own. You mentioned a clown. Only a clown would rate the champions league as ever so "slight" of an achievement.
  5. No they were much worse. They were slightly worse than the Chelsea of 2005 an 2006 as well has united in 2001. However they are talked about as if they were the best which is a bit silly even for the biased arsenal panel.
  6. They were very good but a level below the 99 and 08 united sides. Never denied they were a good side.
  7. lower than Chelsea in both 2005 and 2006. Lower than united in 2000
  8. Can't knock him for that, he had to do it to maintain unbeaten record. However this so called amazing team only won 1 trophy that year. It's not like they won a PL/CL double or the treble.
  9. Never said they weren't good, they were good. They just weren't of the standard like say United of 99 or 08 or Barca of 09 or 11. It's just the arsenal fan pundits on sky (merson, henry, Nicholas) go on about them as if they were of that standard.
  10. arsenal 03/04 were no better than united 02/03 or Chelsea 04/05. Similar level.
  11. Been at home watching premier league years on sky. What a great season 02/03 was, brings back great memories. RVN was devastating. Wish we could have someone like him nowadays. Don't know why the fuss about arsenal 03/04. Decent side, nothing special.
  12. Yes I know. The point being made is to not be like Steven Gerard and complain about others diving when you are the worst diver yourself. However my point is that no point blaming them for diving as they are encouraged to do so. It's like you won't blame someone for scoring a goal as it is encouraged.
  13. Well there is no point in moaning about diving, it has been made part of the game. It'll be like moaning about kicking the ball.
  14. Diving, cheating and refereeing mistakes are encouraged by FIFA. Otherwise video replays would have been introduced a long time ago. They want talking point after the matches.
  15. Just singing Pedro is definately not enough. We need a CB and another forward player.
  16. It's ok as we have the player who has been the best right back in Serie A for the past 2 seasons.
  17. 2012/2013 season, Rafael was the best right back in the league
  18. And the red against bayern in 2010 was due to the ref being an incompetent moron.
  19. If Madrid were to sell bale, they would definitely make a decent profit on what they paid.
  20. Well he would instantly become the best player by far in our team and probably the premier league so give him a free role. He is a game changer, the player we have been missing since ronaldo. I'd be happy if the club decided to pay even £100m for him
  21. I don't care how much we spend if we were to sign Bale
  22. We should offer Atletico to swap de gea for oblak. That's a win win for all parties. Atletico get an upgrade of keeper, United get a very good keeper and de gea gets to live in Madrid.
  23. Happy with Romero, rate him higher than Cillessen who would cost a fair bit of money.
  24. Anyway I have adjusted di Maria to a modest 181 ca and 182pa. I can't take the game seriously when he is lower rated than coutinho balotelli Henderson. I have lowered some of the liverpool players. Anyway I am ready to go now, wasted a good few hrs because of poor researchers. I've lowered januzaj as he was overated
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