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  1. That’s stupid. They turned up and the bucks didn’t. I understand the other games being postponed but this one has to be a bucks loss. in future when it gets down to the business end I can see a team boycotting when a star man is not fully fit to give themselves an advantage.
  2. It absolutely has to be a loss for the bucks as Orlando actually turned up. If nba don’t give them a loss then Portland might not turn up until Lillard is back.
  3. These lot are far bigger in US than in UK, will build up momentum before election.
  4. No way those judges scorecards are correct. Much much closer than that.
  5. Good decision. While we know that you can’t get a fair outcome without exams, the next best thing is using teacher predictions. Certainly better than the random number/letter generator called the algorithm.
  6. Like I said there is no good solution. They might have to delay the start of the academic year (Like they have delayed the start of the next football season) so it’s either that or a lot of students get undeserved results.
  7. The Individual predictions would give no losses to city or Liverpool apart from against each other which is totally unrealistic so need to be modified. Same as if teachers predictions is much higher than previous years it’s been modified. There is no way of modifying fairly, it’s all nonsense. Like the football season, they waited until it was safe to resume, they should do the same with exams.
  8. It’s terrible for the students, terrible for the teachers and also terrible for the government. No decision made would have been a correct decision. You can’t give everyone high grades as it would devalue this years grades. Modifying grades seems like a total random procedure which they have done. For me everyone to sit the exam this year is the fairest way but that delays last years student by a whole year. Every option is terrible. imagine playing out a football season using BBC pundits predictions and then awarding the trophies based on that table. Would you take that seriously?
  9. Can’t blame the government here, there is nothing they could have done without exams. If you keep all the teachers predictions then all grades this year would be much higher than other years and would become of no value. Even with all the downgrades the results have increased from previous year. There was literally no other way around this. Only way was for Students to sit exams when it’s safe but that would have meant people this year being delayed, and that isn’t good either.
  10. Just like there is no evidence that there are any gay football players in PL, la liga, serie a etc all combined. You really think that? Please have an open mind. More likely they’d rather just pretend for the sake of others. anyway back on topic 👏 to the drivers who stood up.
  11. They are not exactly given a choice. F1 have given them a choice and that should be applauded. Much respect to those 6 drivers for standing up for what they believe in.
  12. Premier league. Players have been told to do it.
  13. Good to see drivers getting a choice of whether to take the knee or not rather than being forced to follow a rule.
  14. That’s good news but isn’t that because of current situation? It wasn’t like that before. Let’s hope they keep it that way. 👍
  15. So explain why we offer it to people outside those countries (the vast majority)
  16. God forbid you go abroad for a holiday and u need healthcare and you expect them to pay for you. That won’t end well.
  17. Ridiculous comment, not the same at all. Why don’t they use the money we send to abroad or the money they spend on free healthcare for foreign visitors (that’s what travel insurance is for) on these kids?
  18. Well for me and quite a lot of my Tory voting friends we all agree the government has been beyond awful during the last 3-4 months. Right from before lockdown to now, every decision has been wrong (I don’t mean in hindsight excuse they are using, I mean it was clear at the time).
  19. The scale is an opinion. Why would America be on one end? Yes they have just over double the deaths as UK but they have 6 times more people. What do we judge it on?
  20. People will want their team to win in the same way as when you vote you want the party you vote for to win. What’s weird?
  21. ^Not really as the result is a fact whereas what you said is still an opinion. If there was no result to go off football fans will still side with their team IMO. I do agree with your UK government and coronavirus. Certainly don’t agree with your opinion of trump.
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