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  1. I mean players who I had as 17 for determination has dropped to 15 within a few months. All other stats have gone up.
  2. How is this done? In my team the training is good as stats are going up but most of my players’ determination have gone down. Any reason why?
  3. If purchasing IGE on a Mac, don’t purchase in the game, close the game and buy on steam. It works straight away.
  4. I will up cancelo a little bit for sure, but Mbappe finishing is not even close, needs to be 17 minimum, 14 is not even serious.
  5. Most of the research is amazing 99% of the time however there are a couple of ridiculous stuff which needs changing for example Mbappe having 14 for finishing is a disgrace. No one has researched him for the past 2 years.
  6. Need the editor to play the game properly. I mean Mbappe 14 for finishing? WTF? thats the same os solanke.
  7. Looks like the new FIFA is only employing gay men. Not exactly diverse.
  8. I’d rather have the corrupt FIFA back that these bunch of new imbeciles. diversity boss? What kind of moronic job is that? A case of someone being paid to do nothing.
  9. That’s just a joke. What has the world become?
  10. I really dislike extra time. It should be scrapped and go straight to pens
  11. Probably one of the clearest pens.
  12. England need to go all out. No chance of winning on pens.
  13. Good play from the Denmark defender. However it deserves to be a red card.
  14. If someone can knock croatia out and James remains unfit for england game, then england have a chance to get to the final
  15. Spain play such ugly football for a team with so many world class players
  16. Columbia are not an easy game but James injured gives England a boost. Belgium can’t lose this round but have a horrific quarter final game whereas England have the easiest possible QF. Most likely England lose in semis and Belgium lose in quarters but it’s possible England lose next round.
  17. Brasil are definately better than Belgium.
  18. No one with the right mind would put the ball out for Suarez injured or not.
  19. Really hope Portugal do it but it’s 50-50
  20. PSG got an absolute bargain buy for mbappe last season
  21. Leaving out those attacking players is a disgrace. Hope argies get battered.
  22. Beat Columbia 60% and beat Swiss/swe 70% so probability if reaching semi = 42% in other half beat japan = 90%, beat brasil 30%. Reach semi = 27%. using estimated probabilities the bottom half is better for getting further. (Not taking account of the small prob that mex beat bra)
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