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  1. The ticketing system at United is a joke. Releasing all the tickets today. Had to wait 2 hours in the queue to access the website but managed to get stretford end tickets for Southampton and Leicester matches before I got cut off. Now back in the 2 hour queue to try and get a few more tickets.
  2. Game should be paused, replay showed and then decision made like they do in all other sports.
  3. The only style of play that matters is a winning style of play.
  4. We now have the best manager in the premier league. I fancy our chances to win the title next season.
  5. LVG gone, been waiting for this day for 13 months now since the last time I went to a united game. Can start going to matches again next season enjoying our football.
  6. He deserved to be sacked before the final. He got much more than what he deserved today.
  7. If he was to be sacked, why not sack him before this match to give everyone an extra boost? The board seems to be happy with 5th place finishes nowadays.
  8. Deserved goal, palace have been the better side today so far.
  9. Real Madrid are rumoured to pay Granada a lot of money to win or draw. Don't understand why that would be illegal though.
  10. The only decent thing to do now is to sack him before the fa cup final. Anything else would be tragic.
  11. sack the **** before the fa cup final so he doesn't win a trophy here
  12. TFM is brilliant, there was no reason not to play him
  13. Feel sorry for De Gea and Martial playing with such ***** players and manager.
  14. Fellaini would be united's most important player against this west ham team. Shows how bad we have been
  15. LVG is all about hoping for luck that the oppositions screws up chances and then score a lucky goal to win 1-0. If the opposition scores first then it is game over.
  16. We are not even attempting to play football. West Ham are not even needing to play well.
  17. They are playing like a sunday league team. Should have sacked LVG an hour before the match to give the entre team and fans a lift to win this match.
  18. Why couldn't fosu-mensah not start this match?
  19. Would take a draw now and hope city draw to Swansea.
  20. a draw to west ham and a win to Bournemouth I think could be enough. I'm not so sure City will be Swansea.
  21. Every united game right now is about luck. Anyway this result gives us a chance. Hopefully West Ham play like they did yesterday.
  22. In our hands which gives us a chance. City will still be favourites for top 4 as I am sure we will be odds against to beat West Ham.
  23. And Arsenal have the same interests as us. A draw will do them fine as well so they will hopefully fight for it.
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