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  1. DJdeMarco

    Pay what you want for the game

    I think this could work if done several months before the next planned release. That way, most customers who would buy it would already have done so. This may reel in extra revenue from those who are curious about the game but wouldn't pay full price.
  2. Have you tried temporarily disabling your security software or setting up exclusion rules to stop it scanning the relevant FM installation/temp folders?
  3. DJdeMarco

    Least used game feature.

    Press conferences for me.
  4. Might be worth checking out the link below and maybe doing a little more research. There are a large number of Macbook Pros suffering from an inherent defect in the Nvidia processor. http://theappleblog.com/2009/06/01/apple-extends-macbook-pro-nvidia-geforce-service-policy-to-three-years/
  5. DJdeMarco

    Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    You could add the Chairman to the Disliked people list at Liverpool FC and put the setting to 100%. That should change the status to a more appropriate message.
  6. DJdeMarco

    Why does my FM keep crashing??

    Are you defragmenting whilst playing the game?
  7. Is this drop right at the beginning of the game or have you gone several months into the season? Reason I ask is that all players start off with their attributes lower than they are in the editor due to it being pre-season. If you run the game several months into the season, you should see a big difference.
  8. DJdeMarco

    My team has stopped scoring

    This should do it.
  9. Highly unlikely as the demo was the gold code. The patch on the other hand may make changes.
  10. Hi Ben, By copy protection, I mean the form of protection which requires having the CD in the drive to play if the users are not activating online. Sorry, I'm a little tired and didn't explain myself very well. In the past, certain protections of this kind have been very fickle about the drives that can read them. My memory is very hazy at the moment but I remember having a problem with a previous version of SecureROM that showed these very symptoms. Updating the firmware for the drive (as you suggested above) was the solution to that problem for me in the past. I'm probably wrong on this occasion but thought it worth mentioning. All the best, Mark. Edit: Cheers to both yourself and Murray for your speedy replies. I don't actually own the game at the moment and was just hypothesising and trying to help. I hope the guys who have this problem find a solution though.
  11. Sounds to me like a copy protection problem. There have been numerous games released in the past where certain drives would not read the disc due to the protection used.
  12. DJdeMarco

    Films everyone should see

    Ghandi and Life of Brian. Both classics for different reasons. Edit: "Man bites dog" is also a good film.
  13. DJdeMarco

    Windows 7 anyone?

    That's a bit like saying you have a cyanide pill so you might as well use it. Very flawed logic.
  14. DJdeMarco


    Normally I would agree but on this occasion it's tricky, yeah yeah it's tricky.
  15. DJdeMarco

    Computer help needed

    No it isn't a virus. It is what you are using to see which processes are running.