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  1. I have managed in sweeden and know that they have 30 games a season, are there any european leagues with less? (top division only) The repetiveness of having so many games can take a bit of the fun away for me compared to making every game a cup final. Thanks
  2. Rangers

    One thing I have noticed in the game is that a lot of clubs seem to be in and out of administration in a matter of days, I think the most I have ever seen is two weeks! Whereas in real life it does seem to be something that drags on a little longer, for instance you wont actually often reach a transfer window so you can ofload some players while still in admin. I think it would be better if it could last longer, perhaps increased points deductions for repeat offenders like luton suffered and pompey may do now.
  3. Hey guys, just taken the Roma job on FM, quite excited because I have never managed in Italy before! Thing is the whole co-ownerships seem quite baffling to me, can anyone explain how these essentially work? Also is there anything else different in Italy from other European leagues? Danke
  4. I have been debating whether this thread should be in here or ‘good player-team guide’ forum; I have chosen to put it here, frankly because the other forum scares me. My copy of FM12 is arriving tomorrow (I pray), and for the first time in years of FM, I really am not sure what team I want to be! In the past I have had great careers with Ajax, Brondby and Barcelona. Basically I don’t like managing in England (or Britain really), I like to manage in Europe and in a league which doesn’t have hundreds of rules which also scare me; such as the Brazilian leagues! Since the dynamic league rep has come in I don’t really mind managing in different levels of league, although preferably one which has at least some reputation and a champions league slot (doesn’t have to be achievable for a few years with said club) So with all that said, who would you advise I destroy (read manage) next?