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  1. What NETbook do you have? I think your going to have problems running any kind of FM on a netbook.
  2. Yea you're right i'll look out for unoffical forums, cheers
  3. Hi It's been 7 seasons now since i last won the league as rangers, I have won the odd cup here and there in that 7 years and reached a few semi finals in the champions league and uefa cup, But still no league i've had a some great players in my team over the seasons but they all seem to get unhappy and end up wanting out. I've now tried to clear most of the players of this team and tried to get in new players but i've already lost my first game of the season, I was planning on leaving rangers after i manged a back to back title win but right now i just cant see myself winning the league this season nor another with my squard The board have confidence in me and i've been at rangers now for 11 years and have won two league titles to my time at rangers, But i think its time for a change i see no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm wondering if anyone if they are prepared to admit has had such a problem? It's shocking i know!! Ah yea, I'm playing fm2007 Cheers Luke
  4. wont play in full screen

    ah sorry i'm actually trying to play football manager 2007
  5. hi guys just wondering if this means im unable to play fm on my netbook. i just bought a netbook samsung nc10 put fm on it but it wont allow me to actually go into the game as i am unable to go into full screen? is there anything i can do or i am just unable to play it on my 10" screen cheers luke
  6. hey Just wondering if anyone is playing football manager on a netbook? idealy 07 i'm thinking about getting a netbook but want to get one which will be able to run FM. So i'm just asking if anyone out there has fm running on a netbook and if so how does it run? also any recommendations on decent netbooks? cheers luke
  7. Who still plays FM08?

    I was soooo into my fm08 then about 3 months ago my computer had some kind of crash and i ended up losing all my files including my fm08 game. Just gutted cant get into it no more! I managed to recover a backup of the save game but sadly its corrupt
  8. Saved game help

    Just try my luck once more. Anyone else know if its possible to get a corrupt saved game working again?
  9. Saved game help

    Yea i thought it might be but this there anyway to rebuild the file? is there any programs out there that can do it? I'm guessing all the files are in the .fm file but just not in order
  10. Saved game help

    Yes the game is all patched just like it was before the format. I also recovered a file which was also the same file but had (backup7) next to the name. But that wont load either
  11. Hi I was really into my football manager 2008 saved game which i've been playing on and over for about a year now. On monday my computer went all dodgy and as a result i had to format to get it working again Anyway this means i've lost my saved game I managed to recover it using a recovery program BUT it wont load is there anyway of rebuilding the file or anything so it will be able to load. It would be such a shame to left this game die! Cheers luke
  12. Just started my 3rd Season at Real Madrid. in the summer i bought a Spanish striker who was already in the national team since hes come he hasnt been playing half of what he has been for his other clubs YET has no problems getting in the national team So maybe Eusebio (spanish manager) has some kind of grudge to catalan, maybe cause he is the Real Madrid golden boy and Eusebio bleeds barce? I'm really want him to get sacked to see if the new man calls him up!
  13. Just to mention aswell Eusebio was at barcelona as a coach then later manager for a combination of 21 years
  14. The current Manager in my game for Spain is Eusebio Favorite club: Barcelona - I have no idea if that will have any effect There has been no bust ups with catalan or any players or managers . Maybe if Eusebio gets sacked a different manager might call him up? If this guy goes his whole career without a call up. With such awards as world player of the year and golden boots it will be something thats for sure. Only time will tell..
  15. Nothing like that. The guys reputation is World Wide and his personalty is unambitious so i'm thinking this has to be a bug of some kind i just would like to know if it is or not but the way it seems to must be.