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  1. Looking for a debt ridden club to manage in second tier of spain, germany, italy with potential to go an and be a force in the top league i.e large stadium, ambitious chairmen, great history. Cannot already be in the top flight, must be as hard as possible ! Many thanks in advance.....
  2. just release them if you cant sell them. i am very ruthless and very firm with my suqads, root out a couple of bad apples if they complain, one warning and then transfer list and the rest go quiet pretty quickly after that. give them an inch and theyll take a mile !
  3. make that 7 seasons ! defenders are atrocious, squad is very aged, good fun this one
  4. thanks, gone for 1860, second division, capacity 71000 capacity good training, excellent youth. 5 years to win german first division challenge go...
  5. nice, have never played with gladbach or 1860.. thanks
  6. Anyone recommend teams in the English, German, Spanish or Italian leagues that have had historical success and are in the top three tiers of their domestic leagues ? Clubs such as Lazio or Parma but i suppose many may not see them as giants. Suggestions appreciated.
  7. wonderful challenge and it is great fun but the problem is often the best regens want to play for italy not san marino and therefore it makes it very had to improve internationally to a level where you can compete for competitions. it's easy enough to get to the top of serie a but the national team is another matter altogether. to be fair the population is something like 40k so not really surprising
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