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  1. As I said in the thread that lead to the creation of this thread ................The M.E. looks fantastic on my Huawei M5, really smooth. Think this is the year I finally stick with 3D instead of reverting to 2.D. Love playing the Bundesliga as well........ The thing I'm really enjoying though are the new generic tactics (Gegen Press etc......) Really helpful for the tactically challenged like me........ No negatives I can think of so far.....good Job.
  2. So I just came on here to wax lyrical about how beautiful this years match engine looks on my Huawei M5 but given that the smoothness of 3D graphics is much less of a given on a tablet, I felt there should be a specific thread for tablet users somewhere.......apologies if I've missed it..........:)
  3. Ah yeah thanks.......Should of noticed that...........so looks like it's in, good news indeed
  4. So have been watching the new feature videos. As my tactical nous is a bit hit and miss to say the least, I've always hoped for a bit more help from within the game. So I'm delighted to see you can now set up Gegen Press, Tiki Taka and so on at a click in this year's full version. Is this feature to be included in FMT? hope so...............
  5. Hey, So am considering buying a Huawei M5 tablet but I notice it's not on the compatibility list. Given that the lower spec M3 is supported, I was wondering if someone from SI can confirm that the M5 is definitely not supposed to be on the list? Thanks.
  6. Am running 18.1.4 which is the latest version I believe?
  7. I'm also not hearing any sound - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
  8. Hi, So I've watched the following issue carefully over a period of about 10 matches: The Game kicks off and runs smoothly until half time, however directly/shortly after half time the action becomes pretty laggy to say the least. The pattern is repeated in every game. This is the same across all camera angles (even 2D). Please let me know if you need any further info. Thanks.
  9. Just my 2 pence.......I wasn't going to buy this year's mobile version but decided to as a result of the delayed tablet version of Touch and have gotta say I'm pretty blown away with the depth of game play (especially tactics) and the hugely increased player database....overall a really compelling mobile gaming experience. One really small negative, On the tactics screen, the scroll bar seems overly sensitive making it difficult to navigate to a player who is halfway down the list. That said, good job fellas!
  10. Hey hey, I would love an instant replay button. Just a button that appears immediately after any contentious moment (offsides, penalties etc.) and triggers a slow mo replay.
  11. Thanks for replying, I found a bit of patience worked for me (it sped up considerably as time went on
  12. So I just grabbed the tablet version from Google play and installed the app. However the initial data download is taking an age (2MB per minute approx).I should add that I live in Hong Kong. I guess it's just a case of geographical distance/high server demand but should it really be that slow? Would using a VPN speed things up? Thanks.
  13. Fixed, flicked on a few more times through close season and part time contracts became available
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