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  1. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    Yes something missing in reports screen, hope it will be fixed in next update. This is the best skin by far for me, thx again for the hard work.
  2. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    Can you upload the newest version, because I can't be sure when replacing the new files with the old ones. By the way I'm using your skin since you released, it's a complete skin, thank you very much for this.
  3. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    Does it support 1440*900?
  4. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    I'm eagerly looking forward to use it!
  5. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    I'm playing in 1440*900 %100 zoom, and especially on the player screen it doesn't fit(can't read some texts and some panels are weird). Can you make it compatible with this resolution also? I will be really grateful.
  6. [FM2015][SKIN] Vitrex MMXV

    Looks perfect, I will give it a try. Thank you! Edit: How can I use my league's TV logo in the match screen? (instead of CORA3) And is it possible to see different TV logo in CL? It's our TV's logo
  7. Thank you, I will try
  8. Turkish Super League's foreign player rule has changed. How can I change the rules using editor?
  9. CM 03-04 Backgrounds

    Can I use it on FM15? And if I can, please help me to find this backgrounds (high resolution)
  10. Thank you for your attention, first 2 columns are works fine now, but "physical att." column is still same. You can see it there: http://i.imgur.com/UBmNxqR.jpg Again I'm really thankful for your amazing work and also personal helps!
  11. Notebooks with weird resolutions! (Skin Problems)

    Anybody have an advice about how to resize this panels for my screen?
  12. [SKIN] Elegance 15

    Beautiful skin, will you add stadium pics panel and instant result button? (Also as stated on tactics screen we can't see players on the pitch, also the background pics have small resolutions)
  13. I'm trying to play FM15 with my Macbook Pro with Retina Display, it has 2560*1600 resolution on 13" screen! (I have to play %150 or %175 bigger) So I can't find any skin that matches my screen, because of panel sizes. What should I do to fix this situation? example; Thanks,
  14. First of all I really like your skin and I want to use it but there are some problems that I'm having. As you can see in the screenshot, player attribute panel is little bit small and I can't see some numbers (like 16-....). How can I fix this? I have 2560*1600 resolution on 13" screen (I have to play %150 bigger)
  15. [SKINK] WIP - Elegance 15

    Can't wait to use it on my 13" screen mate!