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    Having played Lots of football manager games including LMA Fifa Manager Football manager Handheld total manager pro evo manager championship manager premier manager and Soccermanager etc and surprisingly my first FM on pc . Had have found it great and becoming my second faviourate of all time of my games (behind Lma) the best part is realism and its difficulty but after playing many games i would like to tweak a few things to turn into my faviourate game and wondered you opinion was on them Manager Agents I know players have agents but i think manager should aswell including the player. This could be how users could spent there salary. For example the better the agent better clubs you can get so the better your salary the better agent. Also you could tell youre agent you preferable jobs eg manager in the premier league or mange not in europe. Also your agent could do percific media work e.g deny job intrest under your control Quick Match Both LMA Championship Manager(PSP) Total Manager And Fifa manager had this feature. I know many love playing games for months on end and love watching it in full and doing a game a day but i personally get bored and switch team regualary and holiday saves to speed but a simple simulate button or secondary match mode that only commentry was key things e.g goal pens card and controversy but could still do subs would be brilliant i do not want to replace this with the match day already in place but be a good addition Transfer & Wage Budgets You should be able negotiate wage budget and transfer budget when offering a new contact or new team eg arsenal want you as new manager but only willing to give you 10mil to spend you should be able to set out 5 year plan on transfer and wage budget so you have 15mil year 1 10mil year 2 etc this is only provisionial though and set with targets also in your contact you should be able to add bonuses eg if i get C.L i get 10 million more transfer budget Targets for New Managers Getting new job in January and finding no target in the league is annoying. you should get a new target depending on teams situation Interviews To Mean more Riskier interviews eg Interviewer - What did you think of player X Interviewee - He Was Poor and Has been for some time Then maybe Player X Hands in Transfer request and on a postive note maybe a player may try harder Speak To Coachs or Board Speak to coachs scouts etc on specific players or a future player. And the board asking them opinion on a transfer target. also ask your coaches to see how good a player is training and which youngster is looking good also a coach may come to you and say he wants a promotion or wants to sign someone. i know there is backroom advice but i'd prefer to talk to percific staff indiviually Chairman Profile Chairman to have Profiles and have intrested clubs and skill eg patientce you also should be able to come favoured personell so they are more likely to hire you at a future club P.S Any opinion or Ideas are grateful
  2. Eden Hazard (3 years ago) Vincent Kompany (In 2003)
  3. Best Free Transer

    Tevez And Adebayor For West ham 4th Season
  4. mine was like 7 days as Jamaica manager i joined them and leaved to go USA And on the same save i left Burnley for Sunderland for only 2 months only
  5. Your Best Marquee Signing?

    West ham signed tevez he was 30 for free and on 75k wages it was 2014-15 season and they had just been promoted to the pl
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Well in my game im Barcelona and ronaldo has won ballon d'or 6 times in a row
  7. My 3 Over 23's Was Bale Rooney Hart Finished 1st beating Spain in the final 2-1