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    Playing FM (or CM in that time) since a very young Robbie Keane was totally overrated and by far the best striker in the game. But the best player ever in the game was Orri Oskarsson... with To Madeira second.

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    Football, Footballcoach/trainer/scout. Interests in all kinds of sports and things

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  1. Very impressive. Thanx for the feedback. Been out for some time. Will try this week a new game of FM.
  2. Hahaha, I mean. Do it yourself and not let your scouts do it for you. I scout on stats. Sorry, for my English.
  3. I do not use player filters. Just look in scouted players for most interceptions, goals per 90 minutes etc. See above.
  4. Because I do not want to many long balls into nothing. The best passer gets this role. I need a bit of surprise in my game. Thats is the reason for 1 ball playing defender. And that does sometimes do the trick with wonderfull long balls. So it can also be the one on the right or the middle one.
  5. Depends on your team. Attack is for stronger teams. But with Man. United controll worked better than attack. I do not understand why. With PSV I use attack and win against Real and Barcelona, or 1-4 win away against Arsenal...
  6. The results with the 5 teams in the test were with no instructions. Never looked at training. Just picked a team, implemented the tactic and went on holiday for the rest of the season. But the tactic works better when you really play and change something in games that need it. When I really play...I leave training to my assistent. Opposite instructions? It depends on what is happening in the game. But I start games with no instructions. Lots of games do not need it. Sometimes I manmark a player or change from attack to controll, or I put the central defender in defensive midfield...but that hardly happens. I have tested with OI: for instance with pressure on all players, put on wrong foot, hard tackling, man mark... but that didnot gave me better results in a season.
  7. Hey The succesfull Tweebier tactic from last year didnot work quite as good in fm2017, so I have made a few changes. Three central defenders in stead of 2 to make the defense more solid and 2 central midfielders on attacking because I need them to play the ball forward and I need them in the box. Tried it with 5 teams on different levels to make sure it works: Man. United, Cambridge, Dag & Red, Eindhoven and PSV. Didnot change a thing, no instructions to nobody: just went on holiday for the whole season. The results: Man. United: finshed 1st (prediction 3th) Cambridge: Finished 1st (prediction 15th) Dag & Red: Finished 3rd (predicton 17th) Eindhoven: Finished 1st (prediction 9th) PSV: Finished 1st (prediction 1st) When you play all your games yourself the results are even better, especially when you can scout your own players. Scouting means looking at the players gamestats first and then at their attributes. So scouts are very important to be succesfull. Get as many of them as possible. For instance: For a goalkeeper I look at saves held, and saves predicted. For central defenders I look at: interceptions, headers won per 90min For Wingbacks: Interceptions and crosses completed Midfielders: interceptions and keypasses Attackers: goals per 90min (especially the poacher) and keypasses. Look for a guy who played moren than 10 games and has at least a 1,00 goal per 90 minute ratio. This works for me every time, on alle levels. If their gamestats are good, I look at their attributes. Are the attibutes total crap compared to the level your team is playing on it is no use, otherwise buy him!!! Even if he doesnlot look that good. I started this way with Nuenen (5th level in The Netherlands thanks to the league update from VincelaBera on fmscout) (got 2 promotions), switched to Eindhoven (promotion and won Eredivisie) and switched to PSV (won Eredivise 2 times, KNVB Cup and Champions League. With PSV I only have average players and I beat the **** out of Barcelona and Madrid with my Moneyball-scouting method and with this tactic. Some thoughts/tips: The poacher is extremely important; this is your main goal scorer . Find a guy with no preferred moves. For the deep lying playmaker: likes to switch ball to other flank is very usefull and this is the guy who makes hunderds of interceptions a season. So scout on that gamestat! The one thing that irritates me is that it is impossible to make one of the 3 central defenders to go forward to midfield when your team has the ball. I think this is a major flaw in FM. Tried it with a half back but the results are mixed and your defense gets less solid. The tactic: In English Leagues Controll sometimes works better. But with stronger teams I use attack. 3232 Tweebier 2017 attack.fmf 3232 Tweebier 2017 controll.fmf Good Luck.
  8. Hahaha, I know how frustrating it can be. I tried all kinds of tactics and stuff, before I came up with this one. I am a big fan in real football of playing with only 1 central defender and 2 wingbacks. And with 1 defensive midfielder (who can drop deep if the opponent plays with 2 attackers) and 1 deeplying playmaker . I try that all the time when the new FM comes out, but can never make it stick. It gives beautifull football, with amazing attacking play and you lock up the opponent in their own half, also very high scores but against stonger teams I sometimes got totally destroyed on the counter. I can not close the gap in central defense whatever I come up with. I like high pressing to give them no time to pass, but with FM that tactic doesnot work. Maybe next season
  9. Thanks Clausion. Hope you will have lots of succes with the tactic. You are right about the 2 central defenders. I have tried that also. Even tried it with a libero or last man, just to give the other one cover. But I had different results...very good - to bad. I let it depend on the game. But, I will try your solution with the preferred foot.
  10. Switch to controll? Does that help? Or look what or who is causing you the problems? Manmark him. And somtimes teams are just to good for you, than nothing helps, just sit the game out.
  11. Hey Torminator Hahhaha, same here. Bashing them helps!!! Vitesse...they play 4-2-3-1. I sometimes have difficulty with a system that plays with an AM. I have to man mark the AM. He is giving me all the trouble. And the wingbacks are a pain in the ass too, because my winggbacks than have 2 opponents. I have to man mark their backs with my DLFs. I do not know..but most of the times it is no trouble at all, and some teams are somehow harder to beat down. But the games against Vitesse... I had 19 shots on goal in the away-game, hit woodwork twice, they had half a change and goal... **** happens. The home game was even. Good to see you are doing so amazing with Atletico. Always a tough opponent, they play 442. I had no change in the away game and lost 1-3.
  12. I usually scout for an assistent who likes closing down and attacking play. He has to have tactical knowledge and man management and motivating, because I let him do the teamtalks for all the less important matches. I get bored with it I want to do a test if it makes all the diference though... because I had some AMs with rubbish qualities and they did the job as good as anybody else. One liked to play cautious...
  13. That is an interesting one for a test. Does it makes a difference when you do not give them a clean sheet bonus?
  14. Hi Guys an update from me First seizoen 2015-2016 Weston-super-Mare Vanarama league South Started a career game. Purpose is to work my way all the way up to a top team in England or Spain using my tactic. And see how it holds with all sorts of teams and players To really test the tactic I started with probably one of the worst teams in the game: Weston-super-Mare in Vanarama South. Prediction was 21th. Had no money so I signed about 7 or 8 free players. Scouted them only on speed. Finished 3rd using attack-tactic with teamplay on structured. Won the playoffs and got promoted to National Conference. Weston League table http://i.imgur.com/fjiKaDC.jpg Weston squad http://i.imgur.com/ZEXF1dW.jpg Second season: Oxford United 2016-2017 Skybet League 2 After first season I aplied for Headcoach at Oxford United (in Skybet League 2) and got the job, because Weston players were really bad. Again signed a few players for free, because of lack of money. Used original attack-tactic ( so with teamplay very fluid). Finished 2nd, while prediction was 9th. Got promoted to Skybet League 1. Oxford League table http://i.imgur.com/dlgoscY.jpg Oxford squad http://i.imgur.com/wQ2esBP.jpg Third season: Oxford United 2017-2018 Skybet League 1 Only signed players for free because of lack of money. This is really starting to irritate me, but I had no choice. Prediction was 21th. Played with original attack-tactic. Finished 3rd and won playoffs. Won promotion to Championship. Oxford League table http://i.imgur.com/QDBKdly.jpg Oxford squad http://i.imgur.com/01K7krb.jpg Fourth Season Leeds United 2018-2019 Championship Because there was no more room for improvement with Oxford, applied for Headcoach at Leeds and got it. So happy... Sold a few players, got 7 million euro to spend..finally... and signed 3 players for free and bought 3 other players. Prediction was 15th. Used original Attack-tactic and won Championship. Promotion to Premier League. Leeds League table http://i.imgur.com/ZwdeJYQ.jpg Leeds squad http://i.imgur.com/57MRSZS.jpg Fifth season Leeds United 2019-2020 Premier League Oke, now I have the money... finally. Bought 13 players for 47 million euro's. But prediction was 20th, used original attack-tactic and finished 6th. So I qualified for Euro Cup next season. Leeds League table http://i.imgur.com/bpHf7o9.jpg Leeds squad http://i.imgur.com/uBPAl7K.jpg Sixth Season Leeds United 2020-2021 Premier League Bought 8 players for 36 million euro's. Prediction was 10th. Used Attack-tactic and finished 4th and won Euro Cup against Schalke and Capital One Cup against Man United. What a great and amazing season this one was. Leeds League Table http://i.imgur.com/c2dow1x.jpg Leeds squad http://i.imgur.com/GRUWX8U.jpg Seventh season PSV 2021-2022 Eredivisie Had to really talk my way into the PSV headcoaches job. They thought I was overqualified. Ridiculous. But in the end I got it. Yeah, Leeds was on a roll, but PSV is my club..so could not pass on this opportunity. Cocu got finally sacked after not winning anything in 6 years, he didnot even qualify for European football in his last year. Can you believe that? Sold 9 players. So had money to buy 4 players for 12 million euro, signed 2 players for free. Prediction was 3rd, but won the League and the KNVB Beker (Dutch Cup). PSV League Table http://i.imgur.com/tuXFCKs.jpg PSV team http://i.imgur.com/VmVMImv.jpg Eighth Season PSV 2022-2023 Eredivisie Bought 2 players for 9 million,, signed 1 player for free. Played with Attack-tactic Prediction was first, won the League again. Won the Dutch cup again and lost the Champions Cup final to Atletico Madrid. The road to the CL final was ridiculous, so extremely thrilling. Lost 0-2 and won 5-1 at home..that sort of games PSV League table http://i.imgur.com/M5VkK0x.jpg Ninth season PSV 2023-2024 Eredivisie Bought 2 players for 17 million euro. Played with Attack-tactic, but with one change (exploit the flanks) Prediction was 1st, won the league, won the Dutch cup and won the Champions League by humiliating Barcelona with 7-2 in the final. PSV results So, tactic is working very well. You just need to buy the right players (or sign for free). Even if you have no money everything is possible.
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