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  1. Global embargo problem (solved)

    It worked!Thanks a lot man!!!
  2. Hi guys,I want to set a global transfer embargo so all teams in future will play with their youth products.I tried setting it in editor for all clubs,but it didnt work out well.Like i set embargo start date to 01.07.2016 and when that day comes FM crashes.Anyone has any idea how to make it happen?
  3. Also many youtubers and bloggers like to repeat their matches so they get good finish of season and not get embarrassed in front of viewers.
  4. 3 El Clasico's in a week

    wackiewim ,I'm 95 years old now,dont know whats the limit.
  5. 3 El Clasico's in a week

    Yeah,i saw that i marked Valladoid,but it was too late lol It was most enjoyable save i ever had.I play it for a year now lol .Here is my carear,and im real legend http://imgur.com/a/zWcOU
  6. Anyone had a similar experience?
  7. I started with Ac Milan.Played 8 games.Montolivo started in 5 ,was subbed in in 2 games,didnt play in one and then complained he wasnt getting first team football lol
  8. When mods disagree with your opinion ,they just close thread ,even though your opinion is right
  9. Congrats SI

    I reloaded out of curiosity to see if Arsenal squad is so better than Chelsea's.They beat me pretty hard in first game,finished better and so.I played this game 8 years and this ME is very bad and incosistent ,random piece of crap.Bye
  10. Congrats SI

    Played a game vs Arsenal with Chelsea 7 times,lost 7 times same tactics,formation like Arsenal...Its my tactics probably
  11. Whats the largest transfer budget you ever had.This is mine and i think i can get it higher in next few seasons lol
  12. How many Seasons

    I'm in 2075 and still going up
  13. Ackter do you holiday your games?You seem to finish season so fast
  14. You can try Genie scout 15...Load game in it,search desired player and it will show you % of role suitability based on attributes.