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  1. That at least proves the goalkeeper (your goalkeeper) doesn't know what he's doing and has no sense of the football rules during that moment, regardless of what tactics or settings there are given to him. so that makes one think he is stupid.
  2. Just only one problem: a bit too many crossings, maybe it's because the defensive line dropping deep too soon and defensive engagement (closing down) at wide area (where the balls are crossed) should be strengthened. And as to some statistics e.g. average goals scored in matches being a little lower or higher than real life statistics, I think that's fine. Those stats can be different every year in real life, as long as there's a general baseline.
  3. Agreed. I think most of us here are being polite and are just expressing some feelings from the experience of playing the game. And true, some or many issues are really not so serious enough as to be reported as a bug. And some people are not willing to bother providing .pkm any more, that's fine. Nothing's being taken personally, so there's no need at all to take some comments here personally for both parties, except for those impolite ones of course. It's just that what's left for us to do here, apart from providing saves or pkm. When there's more positive response, maybe there will be less moanings. Ooops! I know that everyone wants the best of the game, and for now what we should be doing really is being patient and be a good boy and sit down starting play and enjoy the game.
  4. you can try replace the physics file to ball_physics_v1555.bin (delete the others after you make backup first), which can be copied from fm2016, and might make the match look better.
  5. That's true. Quick wingers can do that, defenders might largely be unable to keep up with him in pace. I often see Martial do that and bump into opposition defenders. (yeah, i'm just asking too much from the ME. I know that Yes, sometimes it lags, and the next highlight it will be fine.
  6. yeah, don't see any skills or flairs in the attacking players. lacking in astonishing dribbles or unexpected smart passes together with clever small-range teamwork of movements, everything's just so dumb. wingers or attacking midfielders don't even try to beat the defenders and really "attack the box", only cross the ball to kick the ball against the legs or body of the opponent. no passing or ball controlling or dribbling within the box.
  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dw4SjZjUwAEUUom.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dw4SkfWUcAAc3bY.jpg The physical strength alone can change remarkably perhaps?
  8. Yes, that's why I said "tried to", and it's actually just my guess, anyways, instead these things only make it unreal, should be corrected or tweaked a little bit.
  9. After official release, I noticed the following issues: -too many woodworks -too many deflections and blocked shots -too many tackles and high tackles won rate Don't know if you guys feel the same way, and maybe I'm wrong, but don't try to make the game harder in this way.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72pK_49nKEA My first match in fm19, one cross goal, one through pass goal. see how through it is!
  11. In real life when we see the starting lineups on TV before the match starts, the formation (shape) is definately not their defensive shape. Real life football matches definately have attacking plans and defensive plans, and the plans mean and include how the players position themselves under certain circumstances. A winger may defend like a fullback, a striker may defend like a center midfielder, and etc. But surely the chances are that they might get tired quicker. If this game's match engine has good enough realism, it wouldn't be exploitable just like irl. Irl it is not exploitable, then in the game it shouldn't be exploitable either. It's the job the match engine (SI developer/coders) should do. But I may (or may not) understand the worries here, and I think they are related to the level of the match engine's realism in terms of how it interpret every move of the players in a real football match into the game. As in real life, the tactics (including mainly the attacking formation and the defensive formation and some other plans or plots made by the manager (coach) before the game) is after all merely a draft in fact, a set of instructions, and it's only a general indication of the shape and positions of the players when attacking or defending. And maybe other games shouldn't be mentioned here, but it has a decent match engine and a tactic setup including attacking and defending shapes. Well, I may as well just don't mention the name anyway. Hope some of you know and agree with what i'm talking about.
  12. Arnoldzhu

    Detailed training

    Just been thinking about that too. Playing styles, player types, tactics, training are well connected with each other. A game of football manager as it is, and realism we've been going toward, these areas are most important in the game which need more improvement or even revamp if possible in future. We may have difficulties in winning games, having headache when having no clue or idea in tweaking tactics, that's fine currently. But irl, what a manager could and should do? Please provide us with more exciting and powerful tools and features in the game to allow us to manage (control, tweak, adjust or anything) the players, staff, playing styles (movements, positionings, etc) by various trainings and communicate and interact with as many as possible personnels to do what a manager would do to try to be successful.
  13. I think player's face do grow older with age. But why not allow regen players to change their hairstyles from time to time, changing from between several hairstyles according to their race. Maybe this idea has already been brought up?
  14. Can't agree more! And the same should be applied to some other aspects or attributes too. Some hidden attributes should be more hidden, and judgements should be made mainly based on performances and appearances, not on hidden attributes that are peeped by cheating.
  15. Yeah, I know what we can do now. Thanks anyway. just hope can have more and interesting features in future.
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