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  1. In real life when we see the starting lineups on TV before the match starts, the formation (shape) is definately not their defensive shape. Real life football matches definately have attacking plans and defensive plans, and the plans mean and include how the players position themselves under certain circumstances. A winger may defend like a fullback, a striker may defend like a center midfielder, and etc. But surely the chances are that they might get tired quicker. If this game's match engine has good enough realism, it wouldn't be exploitable just like irl. Irl it is not exploitable, then in the game it shouldn't be exploitable either. It's the job the match engine (SI developer/coders) should do. But I may (or may not) understand the worries here, and I think they are related to the level of the match engine's realism in terms of how it interpret every move of the players in a real football match into the game. As in real life, the tactics (including mainly the attacking formation and the defensive formation and some other plans or plots made by the manager (coach) before the game) is after all merely a draft in fact, a set of instructions, and it's only a general indication of the shape and positions of the players when attacking or defending. And maybe other games shouldn't be mentioned here, but it has a decent match engine and a tactic setup including attacking and defending shapes. Well, I may as well just don't mention the name anyway. Hope some of you know and agree with what i'm talking about.
  2. There's always more examples needed. I mentioned earlier in a post because every time a fullback making back pass in this area, the ball goes out of bound, and then here is this post with videos and pkms. And still more examples needed. Is that really hard to find and confirm some obvious problems?
  3. I think the attacking positioning and defending positioning are in fact reversed, maybe there's some mistakes. In some moments, you can find the attacking team is in a narrow formation and the defending team is in a wide formation, but actually it should be on the contrary.
  4. FIrst, the possession against AI teams is often lower than it looks like it should be, which has been mentioned by another thread. It seems that it is caused by players just often making poor passing and dribbling decisions, whereas the AI team whoever it is, U23 or U21, just playing like big teams passing ball cleanly and calmly around, poaching for opportunities, and being very trenchant to score when the time comes. I've in literally every match seen a star midfielder losing the ball in midfield like a fool without knowing to protect the ball or pass back the ball or just simply kick the ball forward, he just keeping hold of the ball walking and dribbling the ball before the opponent comes in and take the ball away. I don't know why and what caused this, that AI teams always pressing and playing more efficiently than human teams. And I don't save pkms. I was just now watching DoctorBenjy FM videos on YouTube, and these funny incidents also happen to his games. And then secondly, the sliding problem, as you can see in above-said videos regarding the 3D animation, why is the GK sliding on the grass when trying to save a penalty, after he is down on the ground he still slides to outside of the door bar. And in another incident, a long ball is played to the right flank, the right winger is running to trying to reach and receive the ball, then why is he still sliding on the grass when one of his feet stretches out in the air to make a first touch of the ball and the other foot (the supporting foot) is stepping on the grass. I'm not trying to persuade you to looking into this, cos' over the years such problems have not been improved a lot, though it may not seem serious to the overall game play, but it's clear and obvious like a bug on a bald's head. Of course, it's a great game and i love the game.
  5. Agreed. It's the momentum/inertia and reaction time that should be seriously counted into. Not only the match results should be near real life stats, but also the way the ball is played, and statistics for the team/players should be real. That's a hard task I know, but the match engine imo is the core and key part of any football simulation games. It needs separate and continous development over the years. Currently (after 7.0.2) I can see some stats are tweaked a little maybe, but the tackles stats seem still too many for an average game. Maybe the way it is calculated is different from real life match stats? I don't know but I have payed attention to some of the real life match stats, and tackles are usually (for each of the both teams) between 10+ to 20+, rarely up to 30+. That stats in FM 13 was good. Overall, the players movement and positioning seem not to be of much variations as compared to FM13's engine imo which is more realistic except that the ball (in 13 engine) runs with too little resistance on the grass. The 13 engine has several good performances such as one touch passes, and passings and movements and closing downs in midfield is very fluent. Well, just want to say, I can accept for example, simple contract negotiation, media interaction or some other parts of the game like in some old versions several years before, but the match engine is something most important in Football Manager game.
  6. 1. Physical attributes and condition may have more influence on players movement (both defending and attacking) relating to accelarating, turning, and keeping running (slowing down due to fatigue after continuous running and jumping and turning within a short periord of time, then he might need to rest and recover, otherwise he might loose condition quickly, and somtimes he might just give up and stop running in certain situations like irl). Low condition should seriously affect a players performance and metal status, like irl a defender when chasing an opposition's forward is likely to loose hope and give up because it's hard to chase up someone already running in front of him especially when forward's pace is usually quicker than a defender. Currently in the game if feels like the players are just continuously running, turning and chasing back too quickly, like iron men or robots. 2. Eliminate sliding in 3D animation. 3. More events or animations besides dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, such as controlling the ball with various part of the body, pushing, dragging shirts, etc.
  7. Just a simple feedback, played FM17 beta, the opposition AI team (reserve team) still get much more tackles than human manager team (first team), and the overall distances covered by both team are both 130+ kilometers which are way over realistic stats. Doesn't feel much difference from FM16, some simple passes still cannot be simply made by players, and the back pass to goalkeeper still often goes out of bound. Overall, the engine is improved. But still need to be polished. Thank you.
  8. Detailed training

    Just been thinking about that too. Playing styles, player types, tactics, training are well connected with each other. A game of football manager as it is, and realism we've been going toward, these areas are most important in the game which need more improvement or even revamp if possible in future. We may have difficulties in winning games, having headache when having no clue or idea in tweaking tactics, that's fine currently. But irl, what a manager could and should do? Please provide us with more exciting and powerful tools and features in the game to allow us to manage (control, tweak, adjust or anything) the players, staff, playing styles (movements, positionings, etc) by various trainings and communicate and interact with as many as possible personnels to do what a manager would do to try to be successful.
  9. I think player's face do grow older with age. But why not allow regen players to change their hairstyles from time to time, changing from between several hairstyles according to their race. Maybe this idea has already been brought up?
  10. Can't agree more! And the same should be applied to some other aspects or attributes too. Some hidden attributes should be more hidden, and judgements should be made mainly based on performances and appearances, not on hidden attributes that are peeped by cheating.
  11. Yeah, I know what we can do now. Thanks anyway. just hope can have more and interesting features in future.
  12. Yes, then how can the manager in the game adjust the position that a player averagely shows up in a match and the runs in different directions? Could there be an easier way to control that in the game and tactics?
  13. 1. Separate development of physical, technical and mental attributes. A new system other than current overall CA/PA for evaluation of how good a player is or the rating of a player. Don't know if I understand it correctly, cos' currently if a player's CA is increased say from 100 to 110, then the increased 10 CA is allocated to different attributes according to a certain mechanism, but in reality, the case is that a player may perform well in training and maybe he is likely most addicted in in physical training such as C. Ronaldo irl, then over a certain period, his physical attributes will increase steadily, and through other trainings and matches he's played, his other attributes may increase logically and reasonably, so, then, his overall rating will become better. That means, his certain areas of abliity is improved, so that it means his overall rating is now better, not that because his CA is increase, so that he now has the chance to be allowed to improve his certain attributes. It's a logically opposite direction. 2. Mental attributes should be much more harder to determine or scout, serveral of them (maybe) should be made hidden too, and can only be vaguely suggested through observation by managers and staffs. And the improvement of metal ability should be more intricate, maybe moulded through a lot of training and teaching and lessons during young ages in youth acedamy. And the match engine should be able to reflect the difference between an experienced player and a young player. In FM16 during preseason friendly match, the first team seems to be easily beaten up by our own U21 team, and don't seem to be in control of the match throughout. 3. More versatile, specific and detailed tactical (both attacking and defending respectively including both movements and positionings) arrangements and settings. Such as the following pic:
  14. Players and staffs personalities should be more distinguishing in different styles when it comes, for a player, to choosing the club, or the manager he'd like to play for, and other aspects of decision making, and the managers and other staffs may have their own standards or criterias as to how good a player is in his own personal judgement depending on what kind of style of a player he fancies, which influences the rating he values for a player. Another thought is about the players ability and attribute rating. As irl, just as some has mentioned above that Leicester city players' ratings and attributes are increased this year in the game according to their performances. And in previous years' version of FM the Leicester players' ratings and attributes are rather poor. This brings the question that shouldn't each of the attributes of a player as well as his overall CA be more dynamic and fluctuating during the game, according to the player's recent performances. Of course, this should be applied based on consideration of whether the performances are really above or below the player's currently assessed ability over a certain long period. Just an immature idea cos the mechanism for evaluating a player and his attributes is kinda intangible and vague. We can see that some players are improved a lot over different versions of FM games (in the database) during several years whereas some players (fairly young) haven't improved a bit over the years, and in the process of games, as long as playing enough games, a young player would most likely has a prominent increase in his CA.