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  1. I'm at 21 seasons. Just resigned from my only club, Stockport County after winning the Prem 8 straight seasons. Went to the New England Revolution in the MLS - my home town team - who still have never won the league, in an attempt to turn them around after winning just 8 matches the previous year. Let's see what happens.
  2. Let me preface my comments with the fact that I have bought every version of this game since the early days - '94 - almost ALWAYS buying on release. This is the first year that I didn't buy FM on release day (and still haven't - even at $20 on sale on Steam) as I have a very fun game going on in FM12 that I didn't want to end. I have enjoyed FM12 more than any other version - obviously once they fixed all of the flaws from release. I had a bad feeling about this year's version. Maybe it was the "13"? In any case, I'm enjoying life in the Premier League with Stockport County and I think I'll stay there.
  3. I had a guy - Gill Swerts - who was a 20 yo midfielder back around 01/02. He was a creative force for my Academica side that was epicly awesome.
  4. Hey man. I socialize on Christmas. Doesn't talking to your players count?
  5. I wouldn't mind a trophy case. An old PC soccer game called Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 had one and I always thought it was pretty cool. Usually, the news story is enough for me, tho.
  6. When I used to play with real players, I used to always try and get Freddy Guarin to help me up the English leagues.
  7. Every game has it's flaws, but FM has given me countless DAYS (literally) worth of enjoyment. For $40, you absolutely cannot beat the return. That's why I am easily able to overlook something like this.
  8. Maybe he's decided to play a different sport? Happens here is the USA all the time. Some players in the NFL start in one sport in high school, switch to American football in their last year of high school (18 years old) and never go back to their other sport.
  9. Maybe he is independently wealthy? He's hanging out in the south of France until Barca, Madrid, or some other big club comes calling.
  10. Hoping that my tenure there is just as successful
  11. If he doesn't get his act together in real life, he won't get a chance to retire...he'll be fired.
  12. Ok, so make one without the licenses. Front Page Sports Football Pro did it back in the day for Sierra. It can be done. It's a genre of game that is completely missing because of the exclusive license that EA has. Who loses? Us, of course. As long as the NFL can get their big paycheck and EA can basically have a monopoly so that stupid people buy a crappy game every year that essentially boils down to being a roster update.
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