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    Been playing computer games since i was born, music has also been part of my life since then too

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    Gateshead, South of Newcastle


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    Music, Football managerment, TV, Alcohol etc

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  1. hey all, i dunno if this has already been mentioned, but apart from the international management shake up everyone has spoken about i'd like to see some interation with my backroomstaff, for example "news report - *Scout A* recommends doogal boy." he's a really good player and i sign him, yet he plays rubbish etc you know the score, i would like to give my feedback to the scout, and also if i decide to go on holiday and ask my ass man to take oevr while i'm away, then praise ornot praise him for a good job, or whoever you have in control of my under 18s some feedback, and also feedback from them, just a few ideas i have. bye for now!
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