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  1. This is a great AAR, I'm loving it. If I could make some suggestions however it would be to post the squad stats at the end of the season as well as your top scorer and assister as that's always cool to see!
  2. Hey mate, can you show Giroud and Calleri's stats over the seasons? They seem to be on fire for you
  3. Messi with twice the strength in comparison to his technique and first touch, what a world that must be
  4. Players are alot bitchier this version which is good because they were way too easy to please in the past versions, however what i find silly is how some of my players who are marked as backups will still complain about first team football after about 5 games of not playing even if i sub them in occasionally and give them the odd cup game, they're untameable too, the only way i can beat them in the conversation is the odd time when i tell them i'll sell them and they back off and say they're happy to be at the club.
  5. I'm not talking about accurate databases but the one's that were the funniest to play with for me i'd say 2007 or 2008 2007 had a lot of mid/top table sides with alot of potential thinking of Atl.Madrid with Aguero,Maxi Rodriguez and Torres 2008 was hilarious,so many bargains:Pandev,Barzagli,Cassani,Zarate etc... were all so cheap and willing to sign for almost any top division club and yet they were top players
  6. me too,it is what bothers me the most in FM is how lower level leagues players are so undervalued
  7. nah,if it was in FM then Witsel would have left for 8 M and Hulk for 15 M
  8. it's hidden you have to use stuff like FMRTE or Genie Scout to see it
  9. that usually happens to me if the player in question is going to a team with lower reputation but when it's a team with the same reputation it's the opposite,while i usually try to negotiate down the offers while the AI doesnt (or so it seems) and in the end we(me and the AI) end up with similar players but the Ai's are overpayed in comparison to mine ex: playing as benfica after 3 season or so my av salary is around 90 k while porto's around 150k+ and you're right the wage budget does affect the wage demands,the bigger the budget the bigger the demands,the best way is to have the budget all the way to transfers and then adjust it if it it isnt enough to satisfy the minimum demands of a players
  10. thanks, is there a tutorial for that tough?
  11. hi everybody,am trying to increase portuguese league to 18 teams and the portuguese second league to 22 but everytime i add teams to the league it gets disabled because the team limit is 16 how can i get around this? and also can i stop B teams from playing in the league cup? thnaks in advance to anyone who helps
  12. but with other youths i can secure them no matter how young they are until they move to my team when they're 18,why doesnt this happens with these guys?
  13. everytime i tried to sign one of their players they would renew with the club,i even tried to give them huge salaries the players would say their very happy with it but after a week or 2 they would renew their contracts no matter what,my scouts would also say they suck at a certain point i got tired and used fmrte to swap them for my crappy youths and all of the sudden my assistant said they rocked :confused: i even started to wonder if i was supposed to buy these players at all lol
  14. When you sell players it goes directly to the clubs finances,just like if you buy players it goes directly out of the clubs finances.
  15. you dont see RM winning everything every year just because their RM irl,same thing should happen in FM .
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