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  1. Hes 15... neither of those are possible.
  2. I had trouble finding a decent starting point as well. I settled on Palermo at first but then I had too many players wanting to leave straight away so I switched and started with FC Twente. Id recommend both of those to look at, definitely Plermo, theyve an amazing keeper on loan at Arsenal and Hernandez has great potential and to be honest I really like the pink jersey. Had I not have had such bad luck with so many players wanting out Id have stuck with them til CL but the randomness of so many wanting out just frustrated me.
  3. I always thought they just saw it as a once off, a fluke. So they aren't prepared to front the cash in case it lands them in trouble. Leeds and Blackburn in the 90s for example. Where as more success would increase their confidence.
  4. I dont have screenshots for this just yet, Ill try get some up as soon as I am able to but allow me to explain. I managed FC Twente and with the low budget available and Champions League looming I decided I needed good cheap players, where to go for such players? Argentina of course. So I signed a few 4 star players under the assumption that stars are relative to your team. By the end of 2 seasons I had 60 to 70% of my first team were Argentinian and a few Brazilians. One defender who I had originally signed as a 5 star was now just a 3 star and PSG and AC Milan were offering me silly money for him. I held onto him. I also signed De Bruyne and Victor Moses for cheap, both 4 stars at the time. Then the dream job came (faster than any other FM mind you) of managing Manchester United. Naturally I accepted. So I decided to scout my old team FC Twente and I was geniunely surprised to see all my Argentinian signings with 5 star ratings. The 3 star defender I mentioned above? He was now a 5 star as well. So I scouted them some more with different scouts. 3 scouts with 20 JPP and 20 JPA all said the same thing. 5 stars. My question is, how?
  5. Hmm I have indeed. What files do I need to bring across? Or is it just broken forevers?
  6. I have managed 6 teams in my career. I have won competitions with 4, ranging from Domestic cups in Spain, Italy and England to both European competitions. Currently been managing Manchester United for 9 seasons with 3 Premier Division titles, 6 Champions leagues, 7 FA Cups and 1 League cup. However, Hall of Fame only acknowledges that I have managed United and at that it only counts 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Premier Division, 2 FA Cups and 1 League Cup. My Europa League and Spanish cups with Gimnastic dont exist nor my AC Milan accomplishments. Why?
  7. Im in the year 2024 and Arsenal were in rapid decline. Then the summer came and they were taken over, tycoon went on to spend 196 million in one transfer window. Arsenal are now top of the league by 11 points and its February. They demolished my three time in a row title winning United side at Old Trafford 4-0.
  8. I had a problem like this 2 seasons ago with 1 of my players. He was a regen I signed for my old club before I got offered AC Milan job. Naturally I poached him. Anyway, he joined the club and I had problems with him in the previous club, he was very very inconsistent. He could play one game with a 9.5 rating and for no reason play at 5.0 for three games until I got frustrated and benched him. Saying that his penalty stats are amazing, Composure 15, Finishing 18 and 20 for Penalties. Then he missed 9 penalties in a row in one season. I was raging. So I removed him from the list. My number 2 scored 3 out of the next 5 to finish the season with a record points haul and an insane goal difference. Next season, we werent doing as well as we had the previous season, we were no longer demolishing teams, instead picking up 1-0 wins mostly, scoring in the dying minutes of the game. I decided to give the regen a shot again, I was going to break his inconsistency. Sure enough, this season, he scored 9 penalties. 100% success rate. The following season, similar, 80-85% success rate. What I noticed was that in the close games, when the penalty really counted he would score. If it was 0-0 and the penalty was in the first 20 minutes he would miss, or if it was 4-1, he would miss. I remember checking his personality and finding it was one of the negative ones, I cant recall which. In the end I chalked it down to him just not being arsed finishing it when the game didnt rest on it.
  9. Im in my 7th season of game time and only in my 6th did things start going well for me. I started jobless and got a job in Argentina where my team finished 5 from the bottom. I stayed another year and my 2nd year was no better and no worse. Then I applied for Gimnastic in Spain. I got them promoted way sooner than I wanted to and ended up in La Liga too soon! Spent 3 years fighting relegation trying to sign young players with potential. Then in my 4th year coming up to Christmas we were 18th in the League but progessing to Final of Spanish Cup. All of a sudden come January everything just clicked into play, I suddenly understood my teams weaknesses and strengths and my players capabilities. Won the Spanish Cup and finished 7th in the league. So now I start my 7th season with Gimnastic in the Euro Cup and I am quite hopeful this year. I wont win the league but with a bit of luck I can win Spanish and Euro cups.
  10. So Im still managing Gimnastic. Just starting my 5th season with them now. Its been a bit of a love hate affair. Sometimes they perform incredibly well and we get some amazing results other times we dont. Up until Christmas last season we were a relegation team. Then just after Christmas we went on an unbeaten run and went from 19th to 7th and winning the Spanish Cup. I know why the unbeaten run happened, tactical changes due to young players developing into new roles. For example, my goalkeeper, who in the comparison window was rated as one of the worst in the league. He has now currently one of the best having the leagues best command of area and best in something else. My players are the fastest, strongest and tallest in the league. However we have the worst creativity and worst something else I cannot recall. In all a good team, Id say a top 5 team this year and a decent showing in the Euro Cup. Anyway, my main issue is Real Madrid. I cannot seem to compete. Every time we play, no matter what tactical approach I use we get hammered by 6 goals. I have literally tried everything I can think of, even reloading the same match a few times with different approaches to near enough the same result. Is this just how it is with Mourinho behind them? Any tips on how to overcome a power house Real? Barcelona can be tricky but usually can get a draw or win by a goal. Dont really lose to Barcelona much.
  11. So far this season my team has given away 12 penalties in the league. It cost us those games. Its only November. On the other end of the pitch we have been awarded none. There have been 5 issues that were questionable where the commentary says that it should have been given or something of the sort. On all 5 occasions I complained in the post match, 3 times the FA said nothing and twice they warned me. Penalties being given away may well be the reason my poor Gimnastic dont survive their first year in the top division. Quite frustrating. Im assuming it all comes down to playing young inexperienced defenders? I dont have any special things selected encouraging tackling or anything so is it purely down to experience?
  12. Just had a player say this to me after complaining about not getting enough first team time. I told him he was crap the last time so he needs to stop moaning, his reply; I accept your challenge. What a champ. Definitely getting some first team time now. Just dont see that enough in the game!
  13. It was against a fellow relagation candidate team that the media had us tipped to beat. So at home being 1-0 up at half time in a first half that we dominated telling them not to be complacent seemed like the ideal option. I know I'm never going to win every game with this team. They are horribly bad but I expect to beat fellow relegation teams at home. As for the rapport thing, yeah correct, it's like that every year. Just this year I seem to be getting some downright stupid negative responses.
  14. I dropped the "fancy" levels a bit and opted for a simple 4-5-1 with 2 pacey wingers and an AMC playing just behind the striker. Having better results and going for a more stoke city type of play. Not my preferred method of playing football but its getting me results. Moved out of dead last position and now sitting 4 places above the drop. Not bad for "relegation favourites" I suppose. I think I was just over complicating everything forgetting I'm not on FM11 with my world class team anymore. As for the team talks, no I did nothing contradictory. They seem buggy as hell.
  15. Just cant get my head around this years FM having an awful time and just cant seem to get many wins. I started off unemployed as usual. Ended up getting a job in Argentina with a team who have been bottom of the table last 30 years. Fair enough, signed for a year as I didnt want to be in Argentina any longer than that, did average. Finished where I expected to finish; near the bottom. Fair enough. I know nothing about football in Argentina and made no staff changes or scouted no players so it was to be expected. Then I got a job at Gimnastic in Spain. It is now November and I have been unable to grasp a single league point. I dont understand where things are going wrong. I have had some success in the cup so far, beating 3 teams, 2 of which were in the top division but in the league anytime I seem to score, opposition scores 2 or 3. The board are demanding attacking football and giving them that (probably only reason Ive not been sacked!) but the losses are heavy and just cant keep a clean sheet. The team talks never seem to go as expected. You can be 1 goal up at half time and tell them not to get complacent and half the team end up confused. Whats that about?? Frustrating game this year for me so far, not enjoying it.
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