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  1. rain94

    [Germany] Data Issues

    Yes, the player is 100% American, Will Trapp of the Columbus Crew. I was confused because on the rules page it says USA is treated as part of EU (which doesn't make sense to being with) and under the Transfer Rules it says as long as a player is part of EU, I should be able to transfer and sign.
  2. rain94

    [Germany] Data Issues

    German Third Division says that U.S.A., Japan, etc are treated as EU. Why can't I sign any Americans?
  3. I've seen this as well. I have tackles on the middle setting and my team is diving into tackles all over the place. I once had 3 players dive for a tackle at the same time.
  4. Default Skin, 2560 x 1600, Size of Text Zoom in (125%), which is the default setting.
  5. Have you posted in the Match Engine bugs section with screenshots?
  6. If your preference screen says 19.1.1 you are current. The Database when starting a new career should say 19.1.0.
  7. This is the video that Rashidi is refering to.
  8. Thanks for the encouragment guys. I'm in December 2018 and I'm actually fine with injuries, PK's, crossing. No issues. Just the Direct ball over the top, and I am seeing lots of tackles but this hasn't bothered me as much as the long balls.
  9. I still find the game enjoyable, but boy is it frustrating at times when instructions are given for short passing and players are ignoring it and passing direct. Do some of my instructions not matter at all?
  10. Why is he telling us to find it? That would be cruel.
  11. Would be nice also for all the players who helped send in bugs and looked for issues with the ME to know if anything changed.
  12. I have checked and the German National Team is in the game without using any "fixes".
  13. imo, SI should sign you up to formally test behind the scenes. You have a good eye and understanding.