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  1. To add to my post above, these however don't affect the intensity at all. Should it?
  2. Intensity Meter is now fixed in the beta patch. Previously, the meter didn't register the changes under Pressing Intensity so it didn't make a difference if you didn't press or maximum press. Thanks SI
  3. I created a post in the correct bugs forum during the beta. I then posted again when it wasnt fixed after release. It appears someone from SI locked my post last month. If I check my posting history, it says locked and I cant even enter it to view it.
  4. Varying the Pressing Intensity instruction still has no effect (at least visually) on the Intensity meter. It makes no difference if Pressing intensity is set to lowest or maximum. I've been reporting on this since the beta. Is this affecting the match engine as well? If so, it is a huge bug.
  5. Is the Stadia version updated to the latest PC/MAC build yet? I was thinking of purchasing it.
  6. The counterpress when ball is lost and counter when possession is won instructions also have no effect on the intensity meter. These seem like big issues.
  7. Varying the Pressing Intensity slider still has no effect on the Intensity meter on the tactics screen. Doesn't matter if you have it at the lowest setting or the highest, or any notch in between, it has no effect. Bug was reported during beta. Is this only a UI issue or does it have effects on the match engine as well? Is the setting even recognised by the game?????
  8. Yea definitely. It's a little daunting to get into but a whole lot of fun once you're comfortable with it. I skipped training all of FM19 but in FM20 I wanted to dive a little into it. Start slow, very slow. Let your Assman or another coach handle the training, but add a couple of ES (Extra sessions) weekly. You can do it when the notification pops up in your inbox. No need to overthink it. If you feel your defense is slacking, then add a couple of defence-related sessions to your training. If you feel you have been conceding during corners, then concentrate on that. Check out the guide that
  9. This is very close to what I'm running as well. I put emphasis on Chance Creation and Chance Conversion in training weekly and my team has been scoring around 2.5 goals a game.
  10. I am overcome by the feeling of dread whenever this screen pops up every week. I want to select my players for the B team but the interface is so cumbersome. I click the drop down box to select a player and then the window popup keeps closing and I have to click on it again to assign the next player. It's so dreadful that I just say F-it, not going to be bothered with it when I know I need to select them for the B/U19 teams. Anyone feel the same? The previous interface in FM19 was perfect.
  11. No, extensive. But why does that matter? I've shown the analysis and stats.
  12. To add, as seen in the stats, his shots have been going down and I haven't adjusted anything tactically. So maybe it's a morale or tactical familiarity issue that is causing them to shoot more? Anyways, I'm not bothered at all with 5 shots from good angles from a wingback set on attack.
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