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  1. I checked in the editor and it didn't say anything about Huoshan being the B team for Beijing Renhe and I can't find information about that on the internet. Are you certain?
  2. Playing In Chinese 2nd Division. I am currently in 2nd but why can't my team get promoted? I am not a B team, however, I do have an affiliate link with a team in 1st division but it says the link will cease should my team gain promotion. I'm playing a journeyman game and recently took over Huoshan this season. Unless, those green highlights mean something else and not potential promotion teams?
  3. Anyone finding too many one-time vollies from deep crosses from the flank?
  4. I wished that instructions given through Team Briefing are only for the upcoming match and when the match is finished, it reverts back to your original team tactics. The problem is that it adjusts your default tactics. One would think that instructions given through Team Breifings are only for the upcoming match to exploit a certain opponent. I don't want to switch my default team tactic / Team Instructions / Personal instructions every time I give instructions through the breifings.
  5. I think it definitely has to do with tactics. I make sure to have a CB on Stopper duty to close down and I take the time to set opposition instructions for every match. Any player with long shot attribute over 14 will be closed down or man marked.
  6. Long shots goals for/conceded by me as Crystal Palace. 42 matches including friendlies. It doesn't look too bad. Free kicks look good. I was guilty of over-reacting myself. But it's starting to seem like it's balanced. Will need to see more data obviously.
  7. Add me as someone who has quietly enjoyed this match engine version. No match engine is perfect as we have seen in the past FM's, each has its own flaws, but I do feel that this is the best FM so far. As for the long shots, yes, it does seem just a bit overpowered. Attacking movement from forwards could be better and the throw-ins are atrocious at times. Apart from that, after playing several seasons with different clubs, I didn't find anything game breaking. I couldn't say that for past FM's.
  8. Why am I being asked to name a squad fo pre-season training camp if the season has already started? I'm 5 games in.
  9. I haven't seen anyone from SI in here since before the holiday. Are they still on their break?
  10. Encourage for when you are up against a much better team. Demand more for when your players are complacent. Single out players rather than give the shout to the whole squad. "Where's your passion" for select players when they are "disinterested". All of these work well for me.
  11. Injuries for me are on point this year. No issues whatsoever. I've played 6 seaons so far with FM19.
  12. After experimenting for awhile with the Encourage shout, I finally found what it's supposed to be used for. I have found some success when my team is the underdog (ie Me as Palace vs Liverpool) whilst using Encourage shout. Players become "Fired up by the feedback" and "Motivated".
  13. I played with Uncle Sam's PRO/REL USA database for FM2018 and there were huge issues when my team (started with a PDL team) got promoted to MLS. Off the top of my head, there were problems with DP's. The board didn't allow me to sign any DP's despite having good finances. It's like the ability to sign DP's are hard-coded from the start for teams that start in MLS. When in the player contract screen negotiating with a player, there was no Designated Player Contract option. Also, you know how In the finance summary screen it will list how many DP's you have and how many you can sign. Well for my promoted side, even after several seasons, it wouldn't even list any DP information. It's like the game was completely oblivious to the fact that my team was promoted to MLS.
  14. The AI does give up a ton of long distance goals. I don't think they know how to deal with it. I can mitigate it by playing one of the CB's as a stopper and/or marking and closing down opposition with good Long Shot Attribute with a D-MID. The amount of long distance goals that my team concedes appears to be realistic after 2 seasons. I score a ton and it does make the game a tad too easy.
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