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  1. I wouldn't mind paying a couple of quids extra per FM release if SI made future iterations of the Match Engine compatible with any previous version of FM going forward from FM17. For example, when a new ME is available, there would be an in game option to update to the current version, which will then download it from a server. One can also roll back to previous versions if desired.
  2. As SI have moved on and are working on FM17 now, if and when they solve the issues with crossing and FB ratings for the upcoming release, is it not possible to release a small patch on steam for FM16? Wouldn't the code for the Match Engine still be roughly the same where it could be adjusted for FM16 to include the fix? I think releasing something like this would be a great gesture even if it takes as long as Sep/Oct 2016 for people who want to continue to play an older version and want to get their money's worth.
  3. Apparently, Iain has another book coming out from the same publisher (Penguin Random House) on November 24 titled, "The Football Manager Bible". This one seems more applicable to FM game. The synopsis from the site states, http://penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/534579/football-manager-bible#9781780893532 The strange thing is that if you go to the publisher's website then click on the amazon link, it shows the same cover as "The Football Manager's Guide to Football Management" but with the above synopsis I just typed. Also can't believe there isn't a preview up yet on Amazon from the soon to be released book. Also this link http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/editions/the-football-manager-bible/9781780893532 has Football Manager Bible in the URL but is saying that it's the other book. Wanting to clarify the confusion, I've sent Iain a message on twitter yesterday but he hasn't responded.
  4. rain94

    FM16 - best prices

    Thanks Swell, just preordered it at GMG with the coupon.
  5. I would like to see a "shout at referee" option to influence possible fringe calls. For example, if one of my players gets tackled hard with no foul given and is visibly upset, I should be able to shout at the ref to perhaps calm my players down (sympathize) and possibly influence a future call depending on the character of the referee. My players will also remain focus and let the manager or captain deal with the ref. Or perhaps, a foul and card was given unjustly to my player and by shouting aggressively, maybe a make-up call will go in my favor later in the match. Of course doing this too many times and/or with the wrong tone can have a negative effect such as being ignored,riling up and unsettling my players causing a dirty match and a complete lack of focus, or even being dismissed and fined. A reputation rating can also be given to all the managers in their profile for those that contest constantly vs.those who remain quiet and calm. Of course when the quiet ones voice their opinion it is taken with much more substance. Shouts can also be given against numerous close off-sides to maybe influence the A.R. to second guess his next call. Or maybe for or against an attacking player going down inside of the box.All of these shouts should have no effect whatsoever on a good just referee, as I'm sure the hidden ratings for each ref are already in the game as to how good they are, but maybe, just maybe, my team is on a cold streak and with a timely favorable call from a shaky ref I can try to get them that elusive victory.
  6. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/
  7. I don't believe you can view a complete list in game. Usually, someone compiles a log with all of those tips. Here it is for the 2011 version which i'm sure is 98% relevant. http://www.fmscout.com/c-hints11.html They will update it for the 2012 version with the new changes in the future.
  8. Go to the tab at the top where it says your League name (i.e. Premier Division), then team stats, then upper left it will say "overview". Click that.