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  1. Interesting thread. I am trying to build a team based on the same ethics aswell. I am playing with Piacenza in Serie B so it's a bit lower level. I was wondering why you choose balance as one of the core attributes? I have not focused at this particularily much for my team.
  2. Piacenza Calcio 1919 (season 2019/2020) Just finished my first year in Italy with Serie C side Piacenza Calcio and I am really loving it in Italy. The goal at the start of the season was reaching the playoff to Serie B. It may seem like we needed to finish near the top of the table to achieve this, but because of the crazy playoff system in Serie C teams placed as low as 11th have a shot at getting promoted. After starting out poorly and sitting as low as 9th I finally got the tactics down by the last half of the season and we ended up at 6th fulfilling the expectation. Into t
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. I will be starting a save as Piacenza as they seem like an interesting club. This will be my first time to manage in Italy, I hope this goes well.
  4. Hey guys I'm planning to start a save with a serie C club. Any recommendations for a club which is not expected to get promoted first season?
  5. Where do I do this? When I go into the Dev. Centre I can't change it there anymore. I can only change who takes charge of friendlies and training.
  6. in the Dev. Centre I can take control of my reserves and youth team if I fire the respective manager. I can also delegate to task to a normal coach and then later take charge myself. But when I take charge of a reserve or youth team myself there is no way to give the task to a normal coach after, not even in the staff responsibilities tab. Only way I can give control away is by hiring a reserve og youth team managr. Is there a way to change who takes control of youth and reserve teams that I just can't find or is this a bug?
  7. Hi. I am trying to add a second nation which will be treated as home nation in a nation with a foreign player limit. I am trying to add Belarus players to be treated as non-foreign players in the Russian premier league. Thank you for your help.
  8. Both the AI and user, but should be fixed now with the new update.
  9. Thanks. That is good news because I just realized after player the first league match, that the Superliga have 7 subs in current patch. So I have to waint and start over.
  10. Just started a save with my local team OB. I'm going to be focusing on improving the academy as this is their ambition in real life and at the moment it's quite bad. I will need to make some big player sales or get european football to bring in the money for improving the facilities. Luckily we start with a few good youngsters with Julius Eskesen being the best. Hopefully he can bring in a few millions.
  11. Very interesting challange. Can I ask how did you make the filter with all the Breton cities? Did you just go in the editor and check all cities from Bretagne and add them one by one or is there an easier way? I'm asking since I want to start the same kind of challenge with Caen but only with players from Normandie.
  12. When scouting for new players, is it then possible to only search for players from a specific region of a country? Like Athletic Bilbao can only sign players from the Basque region, but they have second nationality you can search for. I was thinking of doing a save with FC Südtirol and only signing players from the Tirol region witch is split between Italy and Austria.
  13. Good thread with an interesting team. I think i will start a save of my own with Sudtirol!
  14. I also played one season with Zenit and about halfway through 2nd season now. My goal is to turn Zenit into a Russian Ajax, so a club that focuses heavily on youth and snaps up the best Russian players from other clubs. There is plenty of money at the start to bring a good player or two in, but I decided to use them on young Russians to develop. Ivan Oblyakov is the best I found and is developing nicely so far. I bought young players because most of the young players at Zenit are bad at the start, so far only 1-2 might develop into a good backup player for me. I did also bring in Alexey Miranc
  15. Good luck with the tactic and really great thread. I can't wait for more.
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