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  1. From what I gathered, an update very slightly broke the original file. Somehow it simply bumped a team out of its selected competitions and, by doing so, created a loading error. As far as I am aware, this is the only real issue caused by an update to the game. Here's the file. Let me know if there's any issues. The fix was made back in mid-April. http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vcw1qxa44me2e4/MiloAmericanSoccerPyramid1.2_019FC992-3868-4A91-9647-BA9E98E0DF0E%282%29.fmf
  2. 1.0 FILE HAS BEEN RELEASED. Okay, first release is here. Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hxk5jqh7j6322uj/MiloAmericanSoccerPyramid1.0.fmf The above link is compressed. I'm unaware if there are any issues with compressed files. Just in case, below is the uncompressed version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4ow10wrab7dnq9t/MiloAmericanSoccerPyramid1.0UC.fmf The database should be fine to run out of the box. However, I do have several personal recommendations: "Do not Add Key Staff" UNCHECKED "Add Players to Playable Teams" CHECKED* Largest, reasonable DB you can play** - All U.S. and U.S. based people in DB I personally recommend for the DB to run as intended that you sim several years in advance. I find by year 8-10, the head coach vacancies are reasonable, rosters are representative of the DB's design (APL teams become very, very good) and more stable, and it certainly adds a bit of "history" to a database that starts with a clean slate. I personally sim 15 years in advance to cycle through roughly a career of youth players. *For those concerned with immersion, these generated players will not be called up to the national team. **This depends on how many leagues you plan to run. Keep in mind, if you run the entire 10 tier database as playable, there are nearly 500 active teams. To fully populate them, it is almost certainly necessary to add players to playable staff but equally necessary to run a DB that's large enough to keep them populated. ------------ Couple general notes: Because of scope, late night editing sessions, and being a one man crew, there are likely several unintentional errors I made and have not caught. This could be typos, setting errors (whether prize money, stadium locations), etc. I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know if you spot any through the forum or by PM so that I may go back and fix them. You may find Tier 9 and/or 10 has some odd alignment issues (typically seen in the Northwest leagues.) Occasionally even in Tier 8 or 7 but are rarely as jarring as an Arkansas team in a Washington/Idaho/Alaska-centric league. This has been the case since I first made this database. Potentially an issue of scope, I will see if I can minimize the issue in the future, but may never be fully fixed. The spreadsheet is a little ways behind. I plan on completing it, but give me a week or two. For those going through the file on the editor, there are many FAILED changes. Those are simply a product of a merge and I will eventually grind through those. Should have no effect on the actual game. The deleted entries are just accidental duplicates, no FM 2016 original data was removed. I get this question often and so I'll try to address it generally. I do not mind if you use or alter my DB for your own release BUT I would like some level of acknowledgement or credit along with your release. I do not feel that it's too much to ask. This database reflects many hours of work with over 95000 registered changes. However, I always greatly appreciate you asking for permission first. More on a Canadian DB and altered North American Champions League when I make a decision or progress. I likely won't even think about opening the editor for a week or so. I'm quite behind on my PMs. I'll try and get to them later today or tomorrow. And finally, thanks again for your patience. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Also, I would love to see your progress. One of my favorite things to do with this DB (maybe moreso than playing) is to just sim and see the interesting stories FM has the ability to create. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. And as thanks for your patience, here's a few more screenshots to show you what I've been working on recently: And just because these two pages make me laugh everytime (and working exactly as intended):
  4. The first version will be released tomorrow morning (USA, East Coast.) I still plan to release a complimentary Canadian database later. It will be relatively bare-bones and simply a modification of reputation, stadium sizes, and a basic league structure designed to create another competitor in North America. May or may not create a new Champions League. Will look at adjusting North American reputations post-release. Thanks for the patience.
  5. The 25th turned out to be way too optimistic. The good news is that the end is in sight. All teams are done. That was the huge time sink. In my rush, the spreadsheet has fallen a little behind again. Outside of a cursory fix sheet, this is what I have left: Attendances Competition Dates Competition Rules Stadium Settings (Cup Finals, National Team Games, etc) Referees Finish off Awards Youth/League Names Failed Changes I'll probably address the failed changes after the initial release. They should not create any issue, just the product of merging two versions early in the process. They will be weeded out eventually, but I'm eager to get the first release out. Along with that will be the annoying issue of reworking team logo outlines. You'll notice about 1/3 of the teams may have an out of place black on their logo. Simply a product of haste, I need to go back and fix the outline color (associated with team text.) Through a couple test runs, I have noticed a few things. Head Coach positions do eventually come to a reasonable number (20-30 or so vacanies) out of a 400 or so teams. It just takes the right sized database and a few years of simming. The lower regional divisions are working reasonably well, about as well as they have in the past. There still is the odd Missouri or Arkansas team in the Northwest, but for some reason that's been the case since FM 2012. Some slightly misaligned teams, but I believe that's a product of scope. One issue I have no idea of how to address is the location of playoff games. Because I've included so many stadiums, a lot of major play-off games end up at comically small fields. I've yet to find a way to fix this. If anyone has an idea, let me know.
  6. Completed through the Southwest. Have the west left and northwest left. Doing the reserves and youth competitions as I complete states/regions. Still have competition rules, awards, referees, and various other adjustments to make. One issue that is cropping up in tests is a lack of managers. IIRC, FMs in the past did a better job populating DBs with staffs including managers. I'll have to tinker and do some testing. Aiming for the 25th.
  7. Couple people have asked, so I'll post the club spreadsheet (so far.) From now on I'll upload a new version as I complete each region. http://www.mediafire.com/view/w7s0d16jcbp5s7h/AmericanProject_-_Clubs-4.xlsx Couple things: It's not completed yet. I'm trying to catch up, but my priority is actually making changes in the DB. Currently completed* up through Indiana so Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Illinois, and Indiana are all representative of their details in this version. First color listed (at least through Indiana) is the team's primary color, usually corresponding to the "Background" color when modifying jerseys. Second, third color correspond to Foreground/Outline. New clubs and their cities have been picked but are not listed in the spreadsheet(Post Indiana) or are reflected in numbers post-Great Plains. If you are really eager to see a city in the game to replace one, now would be the time. Bold - Changes from Last Database Italicized - New entries to this version *Reputations, Youth Divisions have erratically been touched. All listed divisions for first team will likely not change, have not included tier 10 teams yet. As always, happy to take suggestions. And again, if you want to use this information for your own purposes and database designs please give me some acknowledgment.
  8. I am pretty sure this is the way I'm going to go. I'll see how well the divisions maintain their geographical alignment. It gets a little wonky at tier 9, but if it handles reasonably well, this is the path I will take. Sounds fantastic. Always enjoy and am interested in how people use or modify the database. Particularly interested in your boundaries. I'm a one-man creation and testing crew and that seems the be one of the areas (see above) that can cause me some issues (Looking at you Tier 9 Northwest.) The only thing I do is release all American-based players. I don't add or transfer any players to new clubs. Part of the fun for me is seeing, with a blank slate, where these players go. The player has the option to add or not add fake players from the set-up screen. Initially, I was hesitant to the idea of adding fake players, but after numerous runs across years and databases, it simply makes it run better. It populates the teams/youth teams from the get-go which leads to more stable financials, long-term populated rosters. Without fake in the past, teams struggled to keep their senior, reserves, and youth team populated. That in turn has led to a general lack of American players. The nice thing is that all off-the-bat fake players generated DO NOT get picked for national teams. So a randomly generated 27 year-old will not be called up to the U.S. National Team (at least not by the A.I.) When I run a game on this database to play, I typically just sim 15 years to phase out these players and roughly a career cycle. This is just personal preference to avoid using those fake players and add a bit of history before I jump in.
  9. Here's my very professionally annotated map depicting the regions: All regions have 96 teams except for Northwest with 64.
  10. 10 in previous databases: Oklahoma City (American National League/Tier 2) Tulsa (NSA Championship West/Tier 4) Norman (NSA League Two West/Tier 6) Broken Arrow (USS Western Prairie Premier/Tier 9) Lawton Edmond Moore Midwest City Enid Stillwater Set for 12 in this database. New expansions currently penciled in: Muskogee, Bartlesville Compete in SW region with Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. As I complete this DB, I will also be sure to release an accompanying spreadsheet that provides this kind of information for ease of use.
  11. Thought I'd upload some screenshots that show the progress so far: American Premier League Selection Screen Competition screen of Jackson (MS). Jackson starts in Tier 5. Expanded Reserves/Youth Leagues. One of two North Carolina's two leagues, one of the most competitive in the DB. Similarly, New York's Y/R league has been split into two- New York City and New York State. Not nearly as competitive at the top, New York Empire should run it. Virginia Beach (Tier 3) Information Screen Mid-Atlantic Stadiums
  12. Update: Has been very busy over the past few weeks here. Will continue through this week. I should really begin to make progress starting next week. Using a house analogy, it does not take very long to get the housing framework up, but once you start working on the details, things slow down. Still aiming at a release before the 25th and believe it is possible. I have decided to bump up each region in teams to 96 except the Northwest (bumped to 64.) That'll bring up the total clubs to 736. Currently NE, MA, SE are completed. That's 3 out of 8 regions. All clubs (including new) in Midwest onward are shells. This is the really time consuming part, but I also think it's the most important. I'm pretty set on expanding to an extra tier, but I'm undecided on how to do so. There's just so many teams that will be in the Lower League and how FM has functioned in the past, the same clubs get cycled in between the inactive Tier 10 to the Active Tier 9 due to game just pulling by rep. Personally, I love the 9 team league in tier 9. I think it gives the vibe of intimacy and locality that I am seeking there. You really get to know all the teams in that level because you play them 4 times a year so I am hesitant to simply expand league size. A mirrored 8x9(DivxTeam) tier doesn't really accomplish what I am seeking with the extra tier. Think the most obvious option is a 16x9 tier with each region divided into a mini sub region. For example: SE1(Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky) and SE2(South Carolina, Georgia, Florida.) SE1 - Auburn (AL), Decatur (AL), Madison (AL), Southaven (MS), Biloxi (MS), Franklin (TN), Bartlett (TN), Covington (KY), Hopkinsville (KY) SE2 - Rock Hill (SC), Sumter (SC), Albany (GA), Johns Creek (GA), Warner Robins (GA), West Palm Beach (FL), Pompano Beach (FL), Spring Hill (FL), Lakeland (FL) Slightly worried about making the DB too big, but it feels like a waste creating all these lower league clubs and almost 90% will never see the light of day outside of cup competitions. Would love to hear any comments, suggestions, thoughts. Be happy to answer any questions.
  13. Whoops. They certainly are. They are called the Wichita Staggerwings. They start in the 4th tier, western conference(National Soccer Association (NSA) - Championship West) which is usually in between MLS and the English Championship in terms of reputation. They play at Air MidWest Park, a 20300 seat stadium. They are assigned to the Great Plains region. So outside of league, national, and tier-associated cups, they and their youth team compete in their respective Great Plains Regional Cup. It's funny that you ask if Wichita is in the database, because not only are they in the database but they are the 7th biggest club based on reputation in their region (out of 78, will likely be 96) and the most prestigious of the current seven Kansas clubs. So in the first year in the league they will compete with teams like Tulsa, Arlington (TX), Honolulu, Anaheim, Lincoln (NE), Colorado Springs. In their regional cup, they'll play teams across an expansive region ranging from Utah to Minnesota (the GP region is by far the biggest in terms of travel time). Outside of competing in the Great Plains U-18 Cup and a national cup, their youth (and reserves) will compete in a Kansas-only league in which they are top of the totem pole, their biggest challenge at the start of the DB being from Overland Park (Tier 5) and Topeka (Tier 6.) Don't have the FM2016 editor in front of me (nor have I gotten to them yet so it's irrelevant), but here's how their jerseys looked in 2013 (subject to some changes): And even better is Lawlore's logo and jerseys for them (White Castle is an amazing touch): Note: I clearly adjusted their look in-between FM12 and 13 (likely just the process of mass creating teams). When I recreate them this time, I will adjust their jerseys in game to reflect Lawlore's work. And just to clarify, the jerseys and logo graphics were not my work, but the hard and fantastic work of Lawlore. It's absolutely up to him if he'd like to share his work again (I'm willing to alter the unique IDs because I always create the DB a little differently.) That was quite a bit of information that you didn't directly ask for, but I wanted to jump at the chance to give people not familiar with the previous DB a snippet of what it entails and looks like compared to the other great American soccer databases on this site that use a similar premise. Mine is just a different approach. No MLS (though, I'm a big MLS fan), but rather over 600 clubs (which will likely be around or above 700 by release) with relatively unique names (albeit some better than others and some repeats of nicknames) with individualized stadiums and jerseys created from scratch that fit into a massive soccer pyramid.
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