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  1. I'd have thought I was telling them that the slightest bit of overconfidence could see them get punished because they're playing against the team who've just won 6 titles on the trot, not that they'd definitely lose. Most of them reacted well to it. 4 or 5, including my goalkeeper, were confused and demotivated. I'm not sure why they're getting demotivated in an FA Cup final when none of them have won a proper trophy in their lives. Good to see other people agree with rewording/adding more team talks. Great point, Äktsjon.
  2. Most of the time it's just me switching to a more defensive tactic since we're going into the last 20 minutes of the match or making subs. I'm willing to accept that it might just be a case of selective memory, but I'm sure the ratio for those types of goals is about 10:1 in the opposition's favour.
  3. There really is no excuse for half the players to be confused and demotivated by the simple instruction that they don't get complacent against the champions of England, whatever my pre-match talk was, unless you think that telling players not to get complacent in that scenario in real life would cause them to become confused and demotivated. It's completely unrealistic. It's the cup final. There's obviously a science that you guys have got it down to, but it doesn't change the fact that it's unrealistic. City didn't have a chance in the first half (the only highlight was them hitting the bar from a corner, another thing which probably isn't a bug although it happens all the time and is incredibly unrealistic and a waste of time). I did what I usually do with progressive changes from counter to defensive to contain with defensive instruction and substitutions. I'm Charlton in 2019/2020. The glitch maybe doesn't cause the goals, but the frequency that the opposition scores goals directly after I exit the tactics screen compared to the frequency I score seems to suggest it's a bug. SI have previously said that they were looking into something which sounds similar to my complaint.
  4. I'm 2-0 up in the cup final and I told my players not to get complacent, which is a reasonable thing to say considering that we're playing against Man City who've won the league 6 times in a row. But nope, it's totally unreasonable to tell them to stay focused. They get CONFUSED and DEMOTIVATED by my outrageous request. Needless to say I lost the match with 3 goals conceded in the last 10 minutes, presumably because Jack Butland had completely lost the motivation to continue playing football after my team talk. Great programming, SI (and on that note fix the match engine, especially the goals coming right after changing you tactics glitch)
  5. What am I doing wrong??

    I've come to the conclusion that this is just the game's way of telling you that it's a poorly coded mess. A few games after the printscreen above: It happens in real life, sure, but nowhere near as often as in FM.
  6. What am I doing wrong??

    Own goal? This just happened to me:
  7. I had 67 shots in two home matches with United and lost 2-1 to Southampton and drew 2-2 with Crystal Palace who had 3 shots on goal. Get used to it, it's Football Manager.
  8. I searched for 'Reus' and I got these results: Is there any way I can get the game to search for specifically what I've searched for? Reus is just one example, but it happens all the time. I feel like Bart when looking at the licence plates. [video=youtube;g92S5eZ0StQ] Geus....Heus.....Reis......Keus.....Somalia (his middle name could be Reus for all I know, but it probably isn't)
  9. As BraveSirRobin said, on the old FMs it was perfectly possible to sign pretty much any player if you offered them an absurd amount of money.
  10. would you?

    I'd let any of my key players go on a season long loan for 7.5m. Then again, the entire point of my save is to make as much money as possible.
  11. I'm managing Ajax and I can currently offer wages of 90k a week. The likes of Lucas are on a quarter of that and I'm sure in real life they'd bite Ajax's hands off. Why on earth was this ability removed?
  12. Are we going to be able to do this on FM any time soon, or are we going to have to wait until they're 18 for them to even move to England?
  13. 1. One of my regens got sent off in the Club World Championship semi-final. He got handed a 3 match ban, yet his ban only applies to Club World Championship matches. In real life, Vidic got sent off in the Club World Championship and he missed Manchester United's Champions League last 16 match against Inter Milan. 2. I was playing in an international friendly the other month and one of the team-talk options was "There's places up for grabs". It's "There are places up for grabs".
  14. Bah, humbug, there doesn't to be any way to see the shouts I've used Gonna have to quit the match screen to save and quit.