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  1. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-15at210340.png My best result in FM. My super Swede Adjei and my terrorising Turk Mumin!
  2. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-15at210340.png My best result in FM. My super Swede Adjei and my terrorising Turk Mumin!
  3. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Participant 54- Stafford Rangers- End Of Season Review 2015/16 League Status Media Prediction-20th (yawn) Finishing Position- 3rd http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at182806.png Well my team were pure class this season and I finally got rid of that Christmas jitter bug that my team constantly suffered from, no idea how I just played a different regime around Christmas time. Either way, I sit happy enough with my current team, some improvements obviously need to be made but alas! I finished 3rd! http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at182829.png We always looked in good form for a first time as Stafford manager. I'm proud of my team and have a solid line-up in all areas! Defensively and attacking is where I enjoy most! Cup Status http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at183030.png Lost to Wrexham in the my first try at FA Cup high level! Was good game to watch but did show that we have a vast amount to learn before we are ready to take on opponents of that level again! The FA Trophy saw go out to hard working Northwich in a 7 goal thriller 4-3 was the final score there. Transfers http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at182859.png 8 players in, the least amount of players I have ever brought in, in one season. Star signing Mumin Eren proves to be a solid investment upfront with Swede born Samuel Adjei, Mumin Eren, Turk born englishmen! Currently still undecided on his national status but I doubt he will ever even really need to decide but best bet for him would be to choose Turkey. Much better chance of breaking into anything within the Euro status! What with the tremendous talent coming from the likes of Wellbeck and Theo! 11 players out, a little more than I would of liked but some of players just weren't fitting into my starting line-up numerous times so they found elsewhere to play! but we will bare on without them! Goal Analysis http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at182928.png Not really much to say but obviously the mass increase in my goal scoring this season, solely down to the team really! The goals fell to pretty much anyone on the pitch! With skipper Lewis Lacy always up for corners to provide the goals. Confidence http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at183022.png Well you can read it yourselves but there it is. I'm untouchable! Meaning it's nice to know that even if I struggle to stay up this season, I will still be in charge at Stafford Rangers! But I am going to push even further for our team and want more success! Finances http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-14at183100.png As usual, fairly stable as you can see. I still keep a fine line with my wage budget of 4.1k a week I was spending a meager 3k! However the board has expressed that when the time comes they don't want me to worry about going over if it's for the right player. Aims So next season is now on the horizon for me and my aims are set •Survive the drop •Find a Parent club for some extra income •Get further in the cups
  4. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Stafford Rangers- End Of Season Review- 2014/15 Participant Number 54 League Status Final Position- 14th Media Prediction- 21st Again another mixed start, which saw me 5th for a brief moment but as with the usual Stafford Rangers way we fumbled and dropped points like they were hot plates. http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at203221.png Nevertheless I please the board once more with a mid table finish, after they gave me their aim of avoiding relegation again, I was rather ticked off after having survived now for two seasons in a row. I was expecting them to show me a little more faith but nope. So instead I agreed with them that I could push for a mid table if they up my wage budget by £150 a week! They did! I didn't disappoint, however here is my progress throughout the season so you can see at what game did it all turn around. http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at203252.png We started great but overall the winter season doomed us, we do not play well around Christmas time, I wish to change this just have to figure out how. Maybe go more defensive around that time of year? Who knows. Here is my usual goal analysis http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at202653.png Cup Status Again I pushed for the cup status, merely for the funding. When your a little team like us, every little helps by getting as far in to it as possible. The big pay out when you get a big team to visit your ground. Sadly it hasn't happened for me yet! But it will http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at202832.png My aim for cup status next season is to try at least get into the First Round of the FA Cup and gradually progress further into the FA Trophy! I need some silverware to my name to warrant being down in BSN for so long. Transfers http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at202547.png 14 players in total were brought in this season, as you can see the usual panic buys in February to try and gain some crucial points as to not risk dropping further down the table. http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at202601.png Some loses due to greedy bastards wanting more money but no-one really gutting, but Michael Lea and Elliot Johnson will be missed in my defense but I'm sure they will be replaced. The talent behind my signings the best by a long way off being the Swede Samuel Adjei, I recommend him to many after he scored 14goals for me this season, he had his fair share of goal droughts. But the season would of been far dire without him upfront! The flop this season, none of my signings have been flops but some are very much till trying to break into the first team so for now I am happy with them, Jamar Dobson has proved to be pretty decent on the pitch but a bad attitude towards the fans means they dislike him. And are worried his status here at the club will doom our morale. Finances http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-08at205828.png Not much to say about these as I don't handle them, I get given a wage budget and I try not to go over it. If I ever do, players will be axed and dropped to a minimum deal to keep the club above water. So with this season at a close....... Aims for Next Season *Achieve a stronger mid table finish and push for late play off spot *Discover the essence of why we perform so badly at Christmas time *Have a Christmas Number 1?!? Maybe it's on the cards, *And finally First Round of FA Cup
  5. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-06at184408.png Perhaps my best result yet, in my 3rd still currently. 5 games in and sitting nicely in 5th for now
  6. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Participant Number 54: Stafford Rangers- 2013/14- End Of Season Review League Status Well at the start of the season my board gave me a choice of what to expect, and to play it safe after such a bad first season where I spent basically all my time in the bottom three. I decided to again play the safe card and aim for avoiding relegation. This was very much achieved after, clearing out a lot of the dead weight I felt the first season had in it! Which meant captain armbands and vice captains were altered. The second season under my helm also saw a change in the dressing room, as I finally had enough money to secure decent enough coaches! http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-02at104116.png A safe midtable finish was granted to my team, there was a point where I felt we could of even pushed for a playoff spot, but alas the club form went south towards February and we dropped far too many points which cost us! But never mind I am happy to have had such a good season! http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-02at104503.png As you can see I never looked at all like a relegation battler, the team on a whole worked well together. In a squad where the average age is 21 and my oldest player is a 30 year old keeper, I must admit I am fairly happy with the outcome of this season. Cup status Something I forgot to add last season as I merely went out straight away and never really cared for the cup's whilst I was experimenting with my team. But with a starting eleven always in my head. I pressed for a better cup display from my team. The FA Cup saw me just one hurdle away from the first round but a harsh away tie with Colwyn Bay sent me home. But to be fair I was handed easy ties throughout the qualifying rounds. The FA Trophy saw me defeated in the First Round by fellow BSN competitors Barrow. I am happy enough with my cup display and the money it got the club. Finances http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-02at104631.png Not much to say about the finances, I was always well under the wage bill. My ability to keep players to none contracts and just pay when you play deals has saved the club a lot of money and has given me a good solid relationship with the club's boardroom. Transfers With another season and obviously no money for transfers, I was raided free transfers! And I'm happy enough to say that the majority of which performed above expectations. 15 players in and 21 players out. Top performers Lewis Lacy- Solid 19 year old center back for me this season and was never afraid to get up the pitch and grab himself some goals. With an average rating of 7.13 this season it didn't take me long to secure his signature til 2016 on a £120 weekly deal. Aaron Carter- Another center/right back who I got in on a loan after seeing he was once a Man City youth drop out, that was enough to convince me to bring him on a season loan, one of which I shall definite look to bring in on a more permanent basis. Average rating of 6.85, not as good as Lacy but proved a solid defence when working together. Luke Ifil- A striker brought in late on as that was my one weakness this season, a lack of goals coming from my strikeforce. I snatched him up on a free in February and with 7 apps and 4 goals and an average rating of 6.96 I am sure he will feature in my plans next season. Controversy Joey Spivack- The man I brought in from the States, a young attacking midfielder. In my opinion was a hard worker and definitely put in some good performances but the fans never come around to him, 26 apps and average rating 6.63 you could do a lot worse. But with just 3 assists in those games, and 2 goals of his own. It shows that maybe he's a bit on the selfish side. Karl Noon- Another player that never really gelled with the fans, and he did okay on the pitch but I believe I shall be letting him go at the end of the season, as he never proved decent cover for my strikeforce. And wanted an improved contract and better wage far to early in the season without ever having shown anything to warrant it. Flops Gozie Ugwo- A striker I signed up on a free intending on covering my starters, James Chalmers-Stevens and Stafford favourite Neville Thompson. He never looked at all comfortable on the pitch and with 6 apps no goals, and average rating of just 6. I looked to shift him out of the club and off the wage structure! He is now playing at Canvey Island, getting regular first team football. Goal Analysis http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-01at230901.png I will look to compare both my seasons goal analysis but we did improve in our start game! However our end game is where it seems to fail this time. Which I must say is probably down to injuries. Inconveniently I would use my last sub in an effort to change the game outcome, for a player to then get injured late on and it results in my having to play the final 10 minutes with a man down. My team won't cover the said position, leaving a gap open! Finally my Board Confidence http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-11-01at230943.png There you go, I finish the season in a very secure position and a contract to keep me at the club til 2016! May we have another great season and perhaps a play off spot to aim for? Goals for 2014/15 Please the fans by playing more attractive and exciting football. Aim to push further for a play off spot. And once again keep the wage bill under control.
  7. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    To clarify as I know there was some confusion in my end of season review.... http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at111411.png I am now currently in my second season
  8. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Cheers, I missed that! Just added the final table
  9. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Participate Number: 54 Stafford Rangers- 2012/2013 End of Season review Well it started out a poor season and just everything about the team was poor. http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at112051.png In which I only managed to notch up 2 wins out of a shocking 19 games, I did begin to lose hope, but alas I used the second part of the season to soldier and clear out the garage. I was going for a youthful approach to my season in which my average age was 21 so maybe that is why my team faltered and just did not look particular damaging to any of my opponents. I did have a massive transfer history to contend with. In which none of the players really excelled so I will be looking into that for the new coming season, That's if the board keep with me. http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at101401.png http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at101429.png Perhaps three players that particularly changed the outcome of my season was footballing vet Steve Woods aged 36 from Staines, John Cunliffe a loanee striker that although did not score, his presence in the area definitely brought out the best of Stafford striker Neville Thompson. Here is my goal breakdown http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at111554.png As you can see, My team seemed to not turn up to the game within the first 15 minutes. And I can tell you, it was frustrating since most of the goals conceeded were easily between the 0sec-1min mark! Here is my final board confidence taken a week after the season finished! http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at111644.png Here is my final league table and I shall indeed update at the start of the new season http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/Screenshot2011-10-29at111411.png
  10. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Well my season is currently drawing to a close and after a disappointing first half of the season. It looked all doom and gloom for me. Screens to come soon but it has been my worst start to a season in quite some time. But alas I have 4 games left and am currently 6 pts clear, Will post my season review shortly.
  11. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz16/Scottehhhhhh/StaffordManagerProfile.png Stafford Rangers are mine! Hells to the yeah, bringing them the big time!