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  1. I have finally started this challenge today. I have loaded: Belgium & Greece Peru Malaysia & Uzbekistan Gabon & Kenya Barbados & Jamaica Fiji & Solomon Islands I was torn whether to go for Fiji or Solomon Islands but I opted for the latter and have taken over at KOSSA FC. Only 6 players in the squad so I will need to fix that before the season begins. I went for Solomon Islands because the season hasnt begun, whereas in Fiji they were half way through and so I would have struggled to qualify for the Champions League in season one.
  2. Not really. Wales have their own league which you can play that has a route to the Champions League. Canadian teams do not have their own league that you can manage in for FM19 and so the only way to get a Canadian team into the CONCACAF Champions League is via the MLS where as Welsh clubs can qualify through their own league. Having said that, a good example is Liechtenstein. They don't have a league and all their clubs play in Switzerland, therefore if you wanted to win the Champions League with a Liechtenstein club, then similar to Canadian clubs you would need to do it with a team that plays club football in the "wrong" nation. However thats a whole other challenge as a Liechtenstein club is only eligible to qualify for the Europa League and so you can only get into the Champions League by winning that. But I digress!
  3. @Watson156 Nice going! To win the Champions League in the first season is awesome! I was going to say that Jason Thomas looks like he may be a crucial player over the future years but then realised you won the Champions league anyway so it doesnt matter haha. Johor DT is definitely a good choice! I had a save in Malaysia years ago and a big part of it is making sure you use your FGN slots wisely! Also try and sign up those Malaysian internationals! 1 down 5 to go though!
  4. Nice! Keep us updated. Should be a tough challenge but quite the achievement if it can be done!
  5. Nice! Let us know how you get on. I have kind of been sidetracked by a save managing Mariupol in Ukraine but this challenge is still very high on my list!
  6. I also can't get it despite subscribing on Steam. May want to check that out, maybe its set up on Steam wrong?
  7. Wait there is a Haiti team that play in Brazil and have the potential to reach the top tier with Haitian regens? A la San Marino challenge style?
  8. Should that not already be on? Or would it need activating?
  9. Maybe more North America would be good such as Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica, Honduras etc?
  10. I was planning to have already started but the database I was using for Panama was way wrong so I cancelled it. Hoping to restart over Christmas, just waiting for Timo or Claassen to do 1 more North American nation and 1 more South American nation. I am all set for Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa.
  11. This time around Malaysia had a team (Johor Darul) enter at the preliminary stage of the Asian Champions League and Hong Kong had 1 team directly into the group stage (Kitchee) and 1 in prelims (Eastern) so no issues with either of those 2 nations being in the Asian Champions League. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_AFC_Champions_League For databases, Timo has completed the below Asian and Oceania nations for people to manage: ASIE Arabie Saoudite (D3) Bahrain (D2) Bangladesh (D2) Bhoutan (D3) Emirats Arabe Unis (D2) Add 14/12/18 Guam (D3) Hong Kong (D4) Add 14/12/18 Iran (D3) Jordanie (D2) Add 14/12/18 Kirghizistan (D3) Macao (D5) Mariannes du Nord (D3) Mongolia (D3) Myanmar (D2) Népal (D4) Oman (D3) Ouzbekistan (D3) Pakistan (D1) Philippines (D1) Qatar (D2) Singapour (D6) Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup) Sri Lanka (D3) Add 14/12/18 Syrie (D3) Tadjikistan (D3) Taiwan (D1) Timor (D4) Turkmenistan (D2) Viêt Nam (D3) Océanie Fidji (D2) Iles Salomon (D1) Nouvelle Calédonie (D2) New Zeland (D4) Tahiti (D2) https://community.sigames.com/topic/458068-fm19-update-pack-by-timo-60-nations/
  12. I don't see why a Canadian MLS team doesn't count as technically no team that plays under the Canadian flag has ever won the CONCACAF Champions League. I am going to do it with a Caribbean team just purely for the challenge and I like the route of trying to win the Caribbean Championship first.
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