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  1. hy I'd like to know where can I change the name or the picture of this guy here: (I'm using tiempo skin)
  2. Hello Is it possible to add pictures to club's president/board profile?
  3. mangerico

    Personal Assistant

    wonderful tip! works like a charm. thank you
  4. mangerico

    Personal Assistants - UID?

    ok. and ho w can I change it?? where?
  5. mangerico

    Personal Assistant

    which one?
  6. mangerico

    Personal Assistants - UID?

    is there some way of finding what are the uids of personal assistants?
  7. mangerico

    Personal Assistant

    hy as far as I understand the game randomly generates male or female personal assistant and marketing director. so my question is: how can I define a photo for those board members? which are their numbers?
  8. mangerico

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    ok, but is this working fine? or has those problems regarding calendar with no matches scheduled and no reserves team?
  9. mangerico

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Does anyone have one germany lower leagues file for fm2017 working good with all the correct rules?
  10. mangerico

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    hy this is for fm2018. I'm asking/requesting for fm2017..
  11. mangerico

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Hy Is there any way I can load lower leagues from germany so I can have the reserves team playing their own league? Ive tried some the file from fmscout, but there are some guys complaining about the calendar and reserves team not showing.. thanks in advance
  12. mangerico

    holland gems

    Hy guys I'm managing heerenveen 1st season and I'd like to know which players in scandinavia and other regions with low leagues do you suggest me to search for players and staff? Some hidden gems and youngsters which I can develop..
  13. hy are the email adresses up to date? I've tried to contact portugal's research team, but ain't got no answer so far. Is there any way to contact the guys?
  14. mangerico

    Belong to world scout

    Thank you very much! I'll contact them.