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  1. Hi Guys. This question is related to the pre-game editor in FM18 and I apologize if this has been asked and answered previously or in another thread, however I couldn't find a definite answer to my issue. I'm having 3 friends over soon to play some FM18 and I've been working on a little database, where I'm making the Girbraltar League playable, having only 4 teams and all players in the world are on Free Transfer. The League and Team I can get to work perfectly, however where I'm struggling is when it comes to CL and EL qualification. I have two different scenarios in mind: 1. All 4 teams qualify to the Champions League group stage 2. Top 2 teams qualify to the Champions League group stage & bottom 2 team qualify for the Europa League group stage. How do I make this happen? I can't seem to find anywhere, where I can alter how many places in the different stages each league gets? Bonus questions: I know that I can remove all the registrered teams for eg. CL og EL in the advanced rules, but if I do that, how does the game calculate what teams should qualify for the tournaments? And does the national coefficient decide how many places each nation gets? Thank you very much in advance.
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