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  1. Hey. As the title says, is there any way to change a morale of the whole team? At our community we are playing online competition, but we want to make it equal to everyone in terms of morale. For instance, I'm managing Spartak Moscow, and some of my key players have morale in red. In editor, when I change team morale to 20, they just become fairly poor instead of abysmal. So, is there any way to do it, without using FMRTE or versus mode?
  2. In Serie A I finnished 2nd, behind Juve. They were unbeatable, and I had some problems with goal scoring. Despite Pazzini scored about 20 goals all season, they were mainly hattricks, he was unconsistent. In Champions League I played in finals, but again fail to win it, losing 3:1 to Juve, again. And in TIM cup I lost in one of first rounds, against lower league side. I don't pay much atention to that. Now in second season I changed my squad a lot, because I preffer Italians, and I'm currently first in league, and passed the UCL group as first.
  3. First, you should sell Pato and Robinho. You can get about 35mil for both of them. Than, you should change your tactic to 4-2-3-1 Balanced, control, shorter, default, press more, default, zonal marking, default, default. Leave other thing unticked. Abiatti - GK defend - GK Abate - FB support - DR Mexes - Limited Defender - defend - DC Zapata - Central defender - defend - DC (you should get Astori here) De Sciglio - FB support - DL (he becomes one of the best full backs, just you must play him. He isn't bad at all even in the beggining) Monotlivo - DeepLying Play support - MC De Jong - BWM defend -MC El Shaarawy - Winger attack - AMR Boateng - Att.MF attack - AMC Emanuelson - Winger attack - AML (you can get someone better here, but Emanuelson isn't bad for first season. I got Bale in second for this place) Pazzini - Adv. forward attack - ST (he will be good, but very unconsistent. Look to get Llorente on free or/and Destro for second season) That should be ok for start.
  4. This game is simply unplayable. Tactics without wingers don't work. Tactics with wingers work, but not good, at least for me. Wingers keep shooting from dead angle, instead of cross or back-pass. Through balls are very very rare, crosses are often, but often the commentary goes like : ''He certainly didn't mean it'' or ''xxx scores a total fluke''. Beta engine was much better, except the goalkeeper who were always kicking ball to sky. Now that is fixed, and everything other is ruined. Playing with Milan, I do not expect to win the UCL or Serie A, but for Christ sake, I expect to win against Pescara and Siena. But it is impossible. Not to mention that NIKLAS BENDTNER is top goalscorer in the game. NIKLAS BENDTNER, hello!
  5. I think it is much better now with the BETA update, although some things keeps getting on my nerves. My goalkeeper is always making a long kick when he get the ball, no matter that he has distribution set to defender collect. It really pisses me off, because I lose a lot of balls because of that. And one more thing. My players still seems to be forgetting the ball when the ball is inbetween my player and the opponent one. Closing down is set to press more. Sorry if that bugs are mentioned before, I don't have the time to read all through this topic.
  6. Guess I did I've been playing FM whole day so STEAM didn't updated it yet Minor changes, so no big deal
  7. Official 12.2.1 update thread? On my FM it says that the current version is 12.2.0 Am I missing something?
  8. People with no original copy of FM are already having the new patch, and we who actually bought the game don't.
  9. First of all, sorry for swearing, but only swear can express how I feel. It would not happen again How it is not changed in regard of difficulty when if you start as sunday league player anything you say on team talk made players or angry or nothing specific happen, and if you start as International footballer, you only need to say that you have faith and everyone becomes happy or motivated.
  10. You have ruined the perfect game. FM2012 was one of the best FM games until the 12.1.1 patch. From then on, game is fu**d up real hard. Why putting this thing in which if you are a former sunday league player, the game is much harder? It should be a simulation, not an arcade. The only thing you have to do now in game is keeping your team's morale sky high. If you are a sunday league player it's impossible, and if you are a international footballer, than it is a piece of cake. FM2012 without patches was a very good game indeed, but now it sucks and I haven't played it for about month or two. I just hope that new patch will come out soon, and make the game playable like it was before this riddiculous 12.1.1 patch and difficulty changes...
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