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  1. I'm not sure that this qualifies as a bug so posting here. Playing as Arsenal with Wenger as my Director of Football. I have him set to make offers for & negotiate contracts with young players, however it's basically useless as every single time he negotiates completely ridiculous contracts for them. Eg. scout reports for 15/16/17 year olds that I've added as transfer targets will usually advise wages around £5-10k/week, he routinely reaches an agreement of around 10 times that. 9 times out of 10 the contract he agrees is at £56k/week and then has a clause to increase dramaticall
  2. Thanks for that reply, what I might try is Fb Support with a "Get forward" instruction and see how that goes. Cheers
  3. Hello, Can any of you smart people tell me the basic differences / positives & negatives of using a Wing Back with Support duty vs Full Backs with Attack duty? I'm playing as Hull using a 451/433 with my 2 wide forward players with instructions to move inside and support the central striker. Therefore I need my left and right backs (Robertson and El-Mohamady) to provide my team with width and get crosses in but I'm not sure which roles to use. Initially I thought FB-A but after reading the tactical guides it seems that the general consensus is that you shouldn't have too many pl
  4. James Wilson agreed! 9m. Working on Jorge but he's at Milan and they want a fortune. Looks amazing though.
  5. Oh man I'm idiot haha. Thanks will check those out! Already got Goldaniga, good player!
  6. Ah... Google tells me Joshua Jackson? But I cant find a player by that name? (on google, I'm not on fm until later)
  7. Hmmm... I'm guessing I'm missing a joke? Can you fill me in? This is the dude from Dawson's Creek yeah?
  8. Hello all, Coming to the end of a disappointing 3rd season with Sampdoria. The possession football which earned me 2nd place in my 2nd season seems to have been well and truly found out and I'm heading for a bottom half finish this year. I'm planning for an overhaul in the summer and want to take a completely different direction ans shift my focus to pacey, dynamic and high tempo football. I basically want a team of sprinters. This means changing a number of my first team players. Thanks to some very profitable transfer business my budget is currently around £40m but I believe I can raise mor
  9. I couldn't cancel the deal it was already agreed & confirmed. I've got separate saves so if it happens it happens. Played a couple of hours on it last night though and seemed fine.
  10. Thanks very much for the offer mate. Thankfully someone saw my thread and has sorted it for me. Panic over!
  11. Edited somehow instead of posting. But yeah, don't worry about adding to my budget. Cheers
  12. OK, yeah I can live with that. Much better than losing a good save 3 seasons in! Don't worry about the loyalty bonus as I'm already getting him free! Thanks a lot
  13. Hello mate, here's the link if you can have a go when you get a chance http://www.filedropper.com/nottinghamforest-trippier1900 Thanks again
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