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  1. I've noticed that my clubs "modern day" records have not been properly recognised in my save with Fiorentina. In game date: September 1st 2025 See image 1: club modern day records - note most points 98 & most goals scored 113 Image 2: screenshot of final 24/25 league table - note points 101 & goals scored 116 I won my last game of that season 3-2 so I think it's basically not registered my final game. Sorry if this is a known bug. Let me know if there's anything I can provide to support investigation. Cheers
  2. Thanks for that reply, what I might try is Fb Support with a "Get forward" instruction and see how that goes. Cheers
  3. Hello, Can any of you smart people tell me the basic differences / positives & negatives of using a Wing Back with Support duty vs Full Backs with Attack duty? I'm playing as Hull using a 451/433 with my 2 wide forward players with instructions to move inside and support the central striker. Therefore I need my left and right backs (Robertson and El-Mohamady) to provide my team with width and get crosses in but I'm not sure which roles to use. Initially I thought FB-A but after reading the tactical guides it seems that the general consensus is that you shouldn't have too many pl
  4. No nonsense, Austrian centre-back called Maximillian Hammer.
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