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  1. I would like to suggest being able to set substitutions before kick off. I.e if you want a player to only play a set number of minutes (e.g. if he is just coming back from injury) or if you want to give a youngster a 30 minute run out. You should be able to configure this just before kick off. at the selected time (e.g. 60 minutes) or just before you should receive a notification if you still want to make the sub. Just like how you get notifications if you want to keep an injured player on. Sorry for the lack of detail i'm currently in a match and just though of it. Apologies if this has already been suggested.
  2. Hi there, Is anyone able to create a panel that displays player form by competition in the tactics screen? or tell me how to do it so i can attempt to do it myself. When I play finals or end of season matches I like to use the players that performed the best in 'x' competition. Thanks in advance!
  3. Exchanging players

    @gandy bear in mind rooney is a key player for man united and worth 21.5m and falcao is worth 28.5m ... so 20m plus rooney should be more than enough. plus falcao is unhappy and wants to leave. can you test it out on your save with your players and p/e just so i know because i've tried to do various p/e and they always get refused.
  4. Has anyone successfully exchanged players with another club? In fm 13 14 & now 15 Ive found it extremely difficult. I tried to buy Falcao for £15m plus Rooney and Monaco say its unacceptable?? C'mon I doubt that deal wouldn't go through in real life. Is there a bug with part exchanging players?
  5. Premier League With Winter Break

    Lol sounds dumb I know. I thought that initially but then I didn't want to create more work by creating new leagues and reconstructing cups . I don't mind the number of games just the number of games players play. Then I thought the easiest method would be to add match rules to the cups and it would make them more interesting imo.
  6. Premier League With Winter Break

    and also only 8 foreigners are allowed in the match squad for the FA Cup.
  7. Premier League With Winter Break

    yes please! that would be great! Although I don't know the easiest way to reduce the number of games to make it worth while. Do you have any suggestions on this? I was thinking bymaybe adding match rules to the league cup so that only 5 foreigners are allowed in the match squad.
  8. Premier League With Winter Break

    Thanks for replying. I've done test nation rules and they are valid but it still doesn't work in the game for some reason. Yes something like that but fro 15th dec - 15 jan. If I send my .xml could you pin point where i've gone wrong or what i'm missing?
  9. Premier League With Winter Break

  10. Hi everyone, Can someone help me or guide me on how to recreate the premier league and add a winter break (either by removing FA Cup replays or lowering the maximum team numbers in the BPL to 18 like the bundesliga or 20 like la liga). I know I have to go to 'add nation rules' but I know very little about league structures and how to make them work in the game without crashing. Thanks in advance.
  11. FM13 AI Player Development Project

    if you have a young first team e.g players with an average age of 22 does that mean that those players could potentially be picked for academy fixtures as they do not have to be registered?
  12. FM13 AI Player Development Project

    let me clarify. I'm experiencing a bug, the day before a match my first team players are fine but on match day their condition deteriorates and the match fitness description for at least half of them says 'tired after his last match' however the last first team match was 5 days ago. There was an u18s match played in the morning on the same day but i've checked and none of my first team players participated in that match.
  13. FM13 AI Player Development Project

    I'm experiencing a bug where the day before a match my players are fine however on match day their condition deteriorates and the match fitness description for the majority of them says 'tired after his last match'. Anyone else come across this?
  14. Premier League Winter Break

    Thanks for your response; I assumed that would be the case. I would also like to combine it with erimus1876's ai player development project but I am hesitant to overwrite anything.