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  1. I've got him at Everton and would agree he can be quite frustrating. He'll play at around 5.9-6.2 then get a goal and finish with a rating of 7 or just above. He is getting goals so he's doing his job but he'll need a few decent chances to score. Tried him as a complete and advanced forward. Ass Man recommends poacher but I feel like that could be wasting some of his attributes. What's the best way to play him?
  2. Everton! Would be a pretty much the entire budget. Need some real quality though as we finished 4th last season. Scouts reckon Eden Hazard would be available for around 30m, would that be a wiser choice?
  3. Lucas Moura for 37m? 16 upfront, rest over 48 months. 2nd season pre season
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