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  1. Nothing about finances was mentioned? Any chance of a hint about what changes are coming there? I found in FMC13 that the monthly reports were really too ambiguous and I was hoping we'd get a little more this time round.
  2. Yeah I feel the same way, finances do need to be fleshed out in Football Manager Classic as they are something which does drastically affect how people play and without access to the full information people can't properly adjust to become profitable (if they want to be).
  3. Yes it was but TV money is portioned out to clubs in the form of the Prize Money and will rise significantly next season which is not reflected in the game.
  4. Ahh well I think it would be useful for future versions, I'm just used to it in the handheld version when where you can just switch them on and off. No worries I guess I can get over it.
  5. I turned on the unsackable unlockable but that was only intended for one particular job where I was completely rebuilding a very successful team, 2 years down the road thats all done and I don't seem to be able to turn it off again.
  6. I really like this idea, as it will add more depth to the style of manager you are and I guess it could also affect your relationship with the media if your agent is always touting you to other clubs or whatever.
  7. No worries, glad you got it back, I know it would have ruined my game if it hadn't returned. Still an annoying bug though, worthy of a next patch fix maybe? *hint* *hint*
  8. I had this for a while once but after a few weeks it seemed just to sort it self, might not be much help in the meantime but it's worth just playing through as best you can.
  9. Tbh when I'm playing as a good team (as in likely to win most matches) then I always 'play for a win' and if I'm at home against an inferior team, or away against a very inferior team then I 'play for a big win'. For lower league teams I would basically do the same thing except against far superior teams where I'd play for a draw. Not a huge amount of reasoning for this but I played around with different options in the first season or two and these worked for me.
  10. I've also noticed that wage demands seem to be considerable higher in value in FMC compared to the main game. It's quite annoying but I tend to be able to negotiate most down quite well but I've had to let some potentially great players go.
  11. As a Chelsea fan I took over Liverpool with a second manager and had them sign my most overpriced player with massive salary, bonuses and 50% a year rises on a 5 year contract, they already had 2 players on match highest earner and they went into admin twice I think and were in the Championship 2 seasons later with no additional work from me.
  12. I got him on loan from Lyon at Ipswich Town, scored 7 in 14 with 3 assists and a 7.92 ranking. Hope I might get the budget to buy him next season,
  13. I've got to admit it worked pretty well for me, I had some great success at Chelsea and in my final season I took over Holland (I applied), took a year off from Premiership football and it turned out I was a dreadful international manager, although I did move them up about 4 ranks but not from a great position to start with. Took the Watford job before being offered a very lucrative contract at Barcelona and moving there, a few years I got offered the Argentina job and won the World Cup a few years later so I haven't noticed any problems although I was laughed off when applying for England but
  14. OK thanks for the advice, I'll give the SSD a miss then.
  15. OK, thanks, appreciate you taking the time. Would investing in an SSD make any difference?
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