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  1. May I ask what type of football you expect to see. Looking at the TI it suggests a possession game with quick passing - would I be right? The only tactics I can find success with seem to be balls over the top with quick attackers, would be nice to see something different. Thanks for posting your tactic.
  2. Please let me know how this goes, I'm intrigued how it plays in the lower leagues.
  3. With the new season, did you bring in a lot of new players, may take time for them to gel. Also, 2 things that make a difference. 1. Defenders need to be as quick as possible. 2. Wingers need opposite feet to. (Right Wing - Left Foot) Please keep me updated on your season.
  4. Please do let me know how you get on with it, I'd love to see how it goes with other teams. Quick BPD are important I have discovered....
  5. Originally it was a classic 442 but I could not get any stability with it at all. Dropping the CM to DLP was a game changer and the tactic exploded from there.
  6. End of first season and Cardiff smashed all Championship records.108 points and an FA Cup Final appearance which we sadly lost to Arsenal. We beat Man City, Palace and Wolves on the way to the final.Please can this tactic be tested?!
  7. I have been struggling with tactics on GM20 having some success with Knaps tactics but nothing consistent. I was using Knaps BEOWULF107allcups and hit was hit and miss (for me) so decided to tweak and have stumbled across a tactic that seems to do it all. No exploits - throw in and free kicks all default. Corners are my own and doing ok but not out of the norm. Attractive football. Realistic score lines. Forwards are scoring. Defensively solid. I am playing as Cardiff City with the lowest experience so despite my players hating me they are still killing it. Please give it a go. Bluebirds.fmf
  8. I've made some tweaks to Beowulf107allcups and the results have been great. Cardiff City, Amateur experience. Conceded 4 goals in 10 games, realistic results such as 1-0, 2-0 etc and the team are still developing relationships - they hate me! Throw ins and freekicks are default. My own corner routine added (not an exploit but going ok) Be interested in feedback. Some changes if I can remember were..... Dropped DLP to DM DLP def, be more expressive, dropped LOE and All cred to Knap of course. Bluebirds.fmf
  9. Agreed this is a great tactic. I feel like there are quite a lot of balls played over the top so not for footballing purists but results very good so far. I changed the corners to me own as I felt I was cheating the game a bit with too many goals from the corner set piece.
  10. I am sorry.....I am completely lost in this thread. Can someone suggest the best tactic to use on the latest FM20 patch? Ideally a tactic that has 4 at the back. Thanks in advance. I am Cardiff City by the way.
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