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  1. well it might be a bit early to judge but i have used the 100pts tactic for two games with a struggling Burton Alb in div 2 and they have won 7-2 at home and won 9-1 away at Afc Wimbledon,they are playing like Barcelona:)
  2. I think this sums it up perfectly,i came onto the forums spitting feathers because i couldn't play the game but found this thread which explained what i had to do and have had no problem since,however there must be thousands of people out there who haven't got a clue whats going on with their game and chances are they have never visited this site so how will they know how to resolve issues with the game starting.
  3. have already put in some feedback about the game but want to add from my point of view FM12 reminds me of why i loved football management games in the first place,why i spent hours upon hours playing CM,but sadly fell out of love with FM as the series went on,the game i loved is back again,might not be for everyone but i'm enjoying football management again:)
  4. Had no issues with steam and installing the game.Having played CM/FM from the start i have to to say i've had a few issues with recent Fm's where i really haven't enjoyed them but FM12 is a return to all thats good about football management,brilliant game,thanks SI.