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  1. I really like the dynamics feature and the links it has to other parts of the game such as tactics. Player partnerships are a really good thing, but unfortunately they start to build just at the start of the game - even though some players may be playing togeher for several years successfully. As posted in the FM18 beta bugs forum by @ralfinho1234, Ribery and Alaba (for example) are playing on the left for Bayern for years now and still start as an untested partnership, whereas the newly signed James is regarded to be bonded more closely to Alaba. It would add massively to the depth of the game world, if there already would be strong und proved partnerships in place. As far as I know you take the years of service at the club to form the social groups - why not also taking it and forming on-field partnerships with it?
  2. Same with my assisstant in FM14. I think he doesn't use subs if I use IR with match plan presets; if I just click IR he does. Strange thing.
  3. Thank you - that's good news. Coaching style is abdicable, only the search bar would have been nice to have. Maybe next year?
  4. Hi there, as I have no beta access I hope you guys can answer me some questions: - Are the "black stars" also in FMC? - Have the new scouting features also been build in FMC? - Do we have the choice between coaching stlyes for ourselves as in fat mode? - Is the suberb search bar included in FMC? Would be glad, as I like these features a lot. Thanks in advance, Tery
  5. I used to care very little about tactics all the way down to FM14 and I watched all my matches on 'key'. It worked fine, sometimes more, sometimes less - but the game was fun to me. I had success, I lost my job, I was a regular football manager. With FM14 I brought two friends of mine to the world of FM and because they had a lot of questions we started reading, puzzling and discussing about tactics. Every match between our teams is a new and tough challenge and throughout the year the tactics part has become my (and our) favourite one. We play FMC as we don't have that much time and want to have some progress through our online games, and we are more than happy that there isn't such thing as a special FMC tactic/ME. If anything should be altered than it comes down to the same issues as with full mode: the ingame documentation could be more beginner-friendly, more transparent, more you-know-what-i-mean.
  6. I am very happy that individual training is now possible and that even tutoring made it into FMC. That's all I wanted. Everything else is somewhere between nice to have (database) and won't use it anyway (Unlockables).
  7. I thought I would use IR much more often, but I don't. So it's nice to have it there for friendlys and meaningless games, but I'd never instant result a league match or so.
  8. Which team are you managing? Maybe your reserve isn't taking part in a league? I am asked before every season if I want them to take place i a reserve league.
  9. It is Squad => Numbers. You can even change it as often as you want even in the middle of the season.
  10. Never did this and only would in very special situations (no replacement, important match).
  11. I don't think Raumdeuter will be available up top, as Müller doesn't play the role when he is brought in as a lone striker. And with Shadow Striker we have a proper AMC-role for Müller-style on that position, too. To limit it to AML/R is fine imho.
  12. Juventus, too. They threw me (Benfica) out of the CL every year. First KO-Round, QF, SF - I never made it past Juventus. So I went to England as I got a nice offer from Arsenal to build up a team to overcome the shame - and what happened? In my second year I went through to the final. Who is waiting? Juve is. A narrow match evolves, I have better chances but still 0-0 after 90 minutes. In minute 106 I score, Juve is tired, they don't have a single proper attack. Min 118: Freekick from 40 meters distance, they play a 2 meter pass behind Vidal... he turns round and shoots the ball into the triangle... 40 meters! After he had to turn round! Needless to say that I lost the following penalty shootout - and even better: I finished 5th in the Premier League, my fierce rival Tottenham (managed by a friend of mine) was 4th - so if I had won, I would have kicked them out of CL-Quali on top. I really hate Juve.
  13. brought two friends of mine to FMC14: it's perfect for beginners pace, especially in online games no tools to develop your players the way you want I hope I can turn the last thumb up after the FMC video
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