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  1. See attached video. I guess this should be the FM21 logo. Cruzeiro EC 3_2 Atlético Mineiro - Match Highlights.mp4
  2. Hi there, I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not, but as I didn't find anything in the league rules, I'd rather post it here. When I offer a new contract to my players in Brazil, I can't offer them less wages than they currently earn. This is quite annoying, as I would like to keep some of my older players at the club – but not for the same amount of money after they declined a lot in the last year (e.g. my 41 yo goalkeeper Fabio): Here is a screen of the league rules – maybe they have been applied to ALL players instead of just under-24? Would be h
  3. Hi there, I wanted to sub a player off in Half Time, but when the Match continued, the original player remained in place. I then made the same sub again immediately, which now worked. Later on I subbed another player. When I wanted to make my third sub, the game said that I have no sub left. I checked the competetion rules (Copa do Brasil), there are 3 subs allowed – so I guess the half time sub was counted twice. Let me know if you need further information. Cheers Tery FC Volta Redonda – Cruzeiro EC __ 2 subs.pkm
  4. I really like the dynamics feature and the links it has to other parts of the game such as tactics. Player partnerships are a really good thing, but unfortunately they start to build just at the start of the game - even though some players may be playing togeher for several years successfully. As posted in the FM18 beta bugs forum by @ralfinho1234, Ribery and Alaba (for example) are playing on the left for Bayern for years now and still start as an untested partnership, whereas the newly signed James is regarded to be bonded more closely to Alaba. It would add massively to the depth of th
  5. How does Player Development work in FMC? You can train positions by playing - does it work similar with roles (=attributes)? Let's say I have a great goalkeeping talent, which I want to become a sweeper keeper. Yet, his sweeper attributes are quite poor. Do they improve by playing him as a sweeper keeper or doesn't the role have any impact? If I set my training to Tactic - do my players only train tactics or is it like in 'full FM', where it's just a focus? Thanks in advance, Tery
  6. I am happy that the sliders are gone. The advantages of this are huge in my opinion and for the first time in my personal FM career I really want to dive deep into tactics. In all previous versions it was not very important for me.
  7. Yep, perfectly At least that means that I can't play a defensive mentality with a defensive line as high as attacking + push much higher up even if I apply push much higher up? (Not that I want to.)
  8. Are team instructions additive or absolute? To be clearer: When I choose "push higher up" is my DL then set to the value behind "push higher up" or is this value added to the DL-height already given by the mentality? (Hope you understand me as I'm not a native speaker.)
  9. Can't quick strikers choose to run more slowly until their teammates have linked up? (Especially when they are played in supporting roles?)
  10. Are there any differences in tactics between FM and FMC besides familiarity? Formation, Mentality, Fluidity, Team/Player Instructions and Player Roles work on FMC like they do on FM, don't they? I will try one last night, if I don't see any progress I definetely will seek for help.
  11. Thanks for the fast answer That's good news - I changed a lot but my players continue to perform badly. So I know it's my tactics and there is no use of giving them more time. So I continue changing
  12. Is there anything like familiarity in FMC? Or can I switch tactics completely from match to match?
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