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  1. Hi everyone! I love to play my matches in the 2d classic view but the only thing I don't like is that it has the 'classic' black and white ball. I've looked on this forum and searched on google but nothing came up. Would it be possible to change this ball to a more modern ball? Thanks in advance
  2. The creator of this database made an update for 15.3.0! http://fmwj.ebb.jp/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22&start=10#p81 It's the file called '(001)Japan_League_150314.zip'
  3. I really hope the creator of this can take a look at it. I would be really fun to play the J-League after the 15.3.0 patch!
  4. Thank you very much for making this great skin Matorko! I'm using it right now.
  5. Wow! The tabbed version looks great! I'm going to play with that one for sure!
  6. I like the one with the brighter colors better. It's easier to see it fast and it looks better in my opinion.
  7. Thanks for making this great skin! Feedback: At the player stats -> overview screen the average rating list shows the clean sheets from the goalkeepers. Screenshot: http://imageshack.us/f/37/2011110500001f.jpg/
  8. Thank you very much for the update! Now I can finally start a game in the J-League!!
  9. Widehawk explained why he did those names that way. It's because they are registered that way in the J-League. Read his reply to my post a few posts above, it explains it very well.
  10. Thanks very much for explaining this. It makes sense now why they use those names! And thank you for the corrections in the LNC file! I like the option to have full names. I didn't know they hadn't retired officially! Thanks for the information. I agree with you that their abilities are good the way they are now. They are really good players but if I think about it, the J-League is more important in this update, so it wouldn't be right to lower their abilities just to get them out of the national team. I'm really glad that you are making this. You are obviously very serious about this project and I'm really happy that I can finally play in the J-League!
  11. Here is some feedback: URAWA REDS - The assistant manager from Urawa Reds is called Bogers in the game. This is only his last name. His full name has to be Adri Bogers. - The manager of Urawa Reds doesn't have a full name also. It has to be Željko Petrović. - Escudero Sergio from Urawa his name has to be the other way around. It is Sergio Escudero. - Despotovic has to be Ranko Despotović. - Spiranovic has to be Matthew Špiranović. (I read your post above on the J-League registered names. Is the J-League not using their full names? Why is this?) SANFRECCE HIROSHIMA - The manager of Sanfrecce Hiroshima is called Mihailo Petrović. NATIONAL TEAM - Yuji Nakazawa, Keiji Tamada, Koji Nakata, Noahiro Takahara, Junichi Inamoto and Shinji Ono are in the national team. I don't now if they retired for the national team. But if they've not retired I think their stats are too good. - Hasebe is not in the starting members. This is weird because he is the captain. - The formation is not 3-4-3 anymore I think. VENTFORET KOFU - Mike Havenaar has made his debut for the Japanese international team. (are you going to update the caps?) I'm really impressed by this database!! The scouts and trainers even have pictures! This is really really good! I hope you will keep up the good work and I will try to help by giving feedback. I hope you will do updates.
  12. Thank you very much! You have to start a new game to play this right? Or is it possible to import the editor data in an existing file? Again thanks for creating this!
  13. I've used it in previous games and liked it a lot! I'm going to use your skin for sure! Thanks for making this great skin every year.
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