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  1. SI would need to perfect the match engine, tactical depth, training and graphics before I gave a goddamn about any of these suggestions, not that these are all bad (broadly I agree withlawlore's post above, with the addition that greater player personality and team-interaction on your side could make the mid-season slogs a touch more interesting) but they're hardly key features
  2. damn, at less than half a penny per minute of play you've really been ripped off So yeah, ofc you find FM easy - you play it too much I had this game 'War on Terror' at uni and won every game, because I was the only guy who played it regularily - I'd take it to different groups once a month, so by the end of the year I'd played it 20 times and the most anyone else had played it was thrice - guess what, I found it boring after that because I always won and noone else knew what they were doing My advice? Buy SotS ][ and Gal Civ II and don't come back to FM for five years so that the game you find is nothing like the game you know, otherwise you're never gonna find it challenging again - because you are a human being with an incredible brain designed to adapt and respond and out-wit it's environment and there's no way SI or anyone can move things faster than you can keep up
  3. Name one game dev that has produced a challenging AI opponent without resorting to resource bias you can't - noone can because AI is damn hard to write; those chess programs know every single last possibility of every move but in FM or TW or Civ or Gal Civ or SotS or w/e that's impossible So yeah, SI can't write challenging AI - that's not peculiar to 12, that's been the case for years My save in 11 with saints, when we eventually made it into the prem I saw players I'd cast off in the championship years before (like elliot grandin) in the first teams of Tottenham, Everton and Villa. The standard of prem teams was barely higher than championship, with only Arsenal and City having any real quality we made the Euro Cup in our second season and the CL in the thrird, while Chelsea tried to keep their despicable team together with a couple of decent players and Man U signed players I would have avoided for tens of millions - but still remained in CL spots for years, because the league was crap What I'm saying is that signing the wrong players and playing them the wrong way is nothing new, and it won't be fixed in the forseeable So the only way for players like you to have a challenging game is to play against resource favored AI - which you can do now by opening up the editor and giving every other team in the world ten times their annual income every year - if you're so desperate for difficulty levels, go now and do this and you'll see plain as day why nobody wants the damn things, because this is how they always turn out in the end
  4. Yeah, I signed Brandy to Bristol Rovers - for £3k per week 0.o he wouldn't go lower - I thought a partnership between him and McGleish held promise. And yeah, they have a partnership - at the local hospital they have matching pajamas and a nice big double bed, because they've both missed more games than they've played, and I'm halfway through November someone posted about Michael N'dri above, and while he is five years older than febian he's also better in every single way and is currently being paid 1/3rd febian's wage in ma game wisht I'da know before nehoo, best player I've signed for a league two club, possibly ever, is Mihael Kovacevic Age: 22 Position(s): RB/RWB/RM/DM/CM/CB/LB Ideal Role/Duty: probably RB, but I play him as an anchor DM 9 games out of 10 Current Club: Free Transfer Country: Switzerland Work Permit: Not required Transfer Fee: Free Transfer Club & League Signed For: Bristol Rovers [L2] Kovacevic is arguably the best player in the league at the moment - he doesn't pop up in forward moves all too often, but he's a rock that the team can lean on when the wolves are the door - everyone else can go, but Kovscevic will be with us for a while I hope paying him 2.7k plus big bonuses in a word: reliable Yassin Moutaouakil Age: 25 Position(s): R/LB, RM, R/LWB Ideal Role/Duty: RWB I play him as an over-lapping full-back Current Club: Free Transfer Country: France Work Permit: Not required Transfer Fee: Free Transfer Club & League Signed For: Bristol Rovers [L2] fastest player in the league, average mediocrity elsewhere - for £1.1 p/w he's a bargain Emre Can Age: 17 Position(s): D/CM, CB, AMC, RB/WB/M/W Ideal Role/Duty: CM Current Club: Man Utd Country: Turkey Work Permit: Not required Transfer Fee: Loan no fee, no wage <3 Club & League Signed For: Bristol Rovers [L2] good solid youngster - thinks he's too good to go on loan but joined us anyway, only found him a couple weeks back when I got bored of my midfielders consistently failing to win balls and drearily passing sidelwids scored in his first game and picked up two assists since then - I just wish we had a chance of signing him q.q Shane O'Connor Age: 21 Position(s): LB/WB/M/AM Ideal Role/Duty: LM Current Club: Ipswich Country: Ireland Work Permit: Not required Transfer Fee: Loan, no fee no wage <3 Club & League Signed For: Bristol Rovers [L2] fast and OK defensively or aggressively, bit of strength came of the bench once and looked lively and made one start and did well and then tore a calf and is taking three months out :/
  5. hey, they're unbeaten in the league two after ten games, ahead of my 3rd place Bristol Rovers by four points - if Swindon are hell, where in christmas am I?
  6. Man City Reseves, City are 15th in the league 0.o something is very wrong
  7. When I first played FM 2005 back in, well, 2005 on a Pentium M it ran slower than 2012 does on my 2500k despite the fact that I am running 98 leagues now and only a dozen back then, so I think this is just a matter of perspective - I expect FM to run slow, I expect to catch up on A Song of Ice and Fire while it processes, because that's how it's always been Also, where the hump do you get 288,000 from :confused: these 98 playable leagues and a large database size are only pushing 140 odd thousand players haven't seen any input lag on anyting like tactics screens or whatever, using the same CPU, what else were you running?
  8. yes phnompenhandy, I am asking if the AI can be updated to be adequate without me losing my progress, not for a stop-gap that's pretty cruddy and I'm already being forced to use
  9. in a nutshell, this I like to sit 5 or six feet from my 24" monitor, for everything but RO2, and FM is giving me eye-strain - I can't play for more than ten minutes at a time :/
  10. Best FM yet <3 changes to team-talks are brilliant, and the overall polish is great Had no issues pre-loading with GreenManGaming, they get the vote for best UK D2D site from me for price and promptnessulence Running every nation and most leagues (130,000+ players in database lol) on my 2500k and it's faster than 09 was on my mac mini with only a couple dozen dozen leagues even so, this might be the game that finally makes me run my 4.5GHz OC 24/7 Is GPU accelleration a possibility for FM games in future? Questions: Auto-accepted two offers for Stuart Cambell on 13.10.11, but they never registered in the Transfer Centre, which I thought might be a bug? Stuart never made any comment re: leaving and didn't sign or reject any contracts. Eventually the transfer window closed and the deal was cancelled. That's a possiblity fo sho, but the non-appearance in the Transfer Centre made me suspicious. I saw there were teams interested in Robert Anyisah and Matt Gill, but when I offered them out, even on free transfers, noone made an offer, despite managers having declared their interest Anyisah. Is that a bit odd to anyone else? Coaches with local reputaions refusing to enter contract negotiations with Bristol Rovers - isn't local about right for a League Two promotion contender? of the six new coaches I brought in, three are regionals, but local rep English speaking coaches would just refuse to speak to meon occassion - any reason? Backroom Staff wages are a bit odd - an extreme example: found a scout with great (for league two) coaching stats for tactics, so opened contract negotiations. He asked for £250 p/w (or maybe £275) to join as a scout, when I suggested coach he wanted over a grand and wouldn't budge. I was like lolwut :confused: This kind of thing happened repeatedly - yth coaches asking for £300 or less to become a youth coach would not go below £600 (or more) to contract as a coach. Since the Gas have a limit of £575 for staff that got annoying fast. I can't see why a guy who'll happily work for £300 p/w would suddenly demand more than double for a slightly different role, unless it's the difference between full- and part-time employment? is it? If someone creates a skin, will they be able to return the Senior, Reserve and Under XX squads to having their own buttons? I'm finding the drop-down thing a fiddly pointlessness - it slows me down for no benefit :/ Is there any way to increase the text size? I like to sit around five or six feet away for everything except FPS games and on a 24" 1080p monitor the text is painfully small; it's preventing me getting into long sessions. Any way to set the attribute spider-graph to display on players' overview screens? or could that be included in a custom skin? I like to have a good root around in the full stats, but that lil thing saves time when you're dredging for free transfers. Can the goalkeeper training issue be fixed in a way that lets us continue with ongoing campaigns? i had some others, but I forget and that's enough to be getting along with
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