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  1. Blyth Spartans Blyth Spartans Unveil New Manager Blyth Spartans have announced the unveiling of their new manager, Jordan Swinburn. Club Information | Squad
  2. I hope he plays most on Mondays. This one's less funny and more mildly amusing... United docked five points (and excluded from the CL the previous season) due to FFP and Liverpool being relegated. After 38 games they finished lower than Palace. LOWER THAN PALACE!
  3. Just found a Japanese player called Kazuya Kazama. There's one for the Tekken fans
  4. Not too dissimilar from an old player of mine, Alain Patrick Rakotondndiaby
  5. There's a guy at Mansfield on my game called Sangunsack Thongthanith.
  6. Even if he is, he's got awful technique, he's dire from distance, has poor stamina, and most importantly... can't finish.
  7. Just signed a Kuwaiti regen called Mohammed Mohammed.
  8. I've seen threads for funny regen names, worst regen names, celebrity regen names... but not simply awesome or completely off the wall ones. Share your ones here! This is one of the best I've ever had, signed for FC United in one of my Dafuge games. Incidentally, that same game produced a player called Jerónimo.
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