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  1. This Leeds thread seemed to be slipping down the list so i decided to post my experiences and give it a boost Just finished my first season, finishing 6th with 66 points and qualifying for the euro cup group stage In Anel Ahmedhodzic - DC for £3.5m (£5.5m) Bought as young backup with potential, working out very well Davide Santon - DR/DL £3.0 (£3.7) Bought as experienced backup and did very well Nicolo Rovella - DM/MC £1.8m (£2.3m) Bought as young backup for Phillips. did very well and getting better and better Jack Wilshere - MC AMC/L/R Free signing. Paying him
  2. Apologies. Deduct 1 year from the dates shown in my post earlier today. I am getting ahead of myself and blame the hot weather today and my age!!
  3. I managed to keep Kenneh at Leeds in my latest save based on latest database I tried to offer him a new contract on day 1. He is very highly rated in my game and he refused to discuss terms. I immediately put him into the first team squad On day 2 or 3, Newcastle came in with a transfer offer for him of about £1.5m with add ons. I negotiated this upwards a lot to about £10m plus big add ons totalling about £17m and 50% of future price. Newcastle promptly pulled out of the deal which was my intention all along. NB they did not just offer him a contract but made a proper transfer offer
  4. Welcome to all Leeds fans playing FM20 and facing the annual challenge of getting them out of the Championship. Welcome also to fans of other clubs looking to experience the thrills and spills of a Leeds save This thread is intended to be for the exchange of information, views and issues involved in managing Leeds to glory. Here are a few thoughts to kick things off:- Squad at game commencement Best rated players - Casilla, Dallas (Mr versatile), Phillips (Star player), Hernandez and Costa. Most other players rated good Main worries - GK backup as Meslier not that good. Ce
  5. I am happy to start a new Leeds thread for FM20 and will try and do so in the next few days. The initial post is unlikely to be something really elaborate though as I don't have the time to do this. If someone else is planning something really good then I am happy to step aside and let them go for it. If this is the case then please post on this thread and i will hold back on my attempt Thank you
  6. I am nearly 65 and have been playing CM then FM since the mid nineties. I think that CM 97/98 was my first sortie into serious football management, although I did play some sort of football manager type game on my Spectrum where you had to load from cassette tapes and endure the racket this made and worry that it would actually load at all as errors were frequent. Still enjoying playing
  7. Playing as Leeds where I had Izzy Brown on loan from Chelsea. Loan contract 25k pw and monthly playing/non playing fee of £110k pm Seemed very expensive to me and so I patiently waited until 28 day period up on 23rd July and terminated loan. The wages spend seemed to reduce by the £25k pw but I seemed to get no benefit from clearing the £110k pm playing fee. How should this change have been reflected in the Leeds finances? Comments/answers appreciated Thank you
  8. I started this FM18 thread and quite happy to start the FM19 one as well. I will probably wait until after the full version of the game is released though If anyone else wants to dive in earlier than that then please do so
  9. Here is a thread for exchange of stories/info etc for anyone starting an FM18 Leeds Utd save I am just completing pre-season on my save. Squad looks like this Observations:- GK Wiedwald looks ok and has performed well in friendlies. Lonergan (not in above screenshot) may be useful as backup only Defence Needed improving a lot. Jansson is only real star, followed by Ayling who has not done that well in friendlies. Cooper looks only useful but CBJ may be ok. Pennington and Berardi start game injured for a few months. time will tell Have recruited Seb
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