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  1. Love playing as West Brom but my are they frustrating. Alternative title: The Hawthorns in your side? If you went to the Newcastle (away) game Gabriel Thomas is also available (Geordies lol). I like the formation bit, as I'm struggling to do anything on 13. I was playing 4-2-3-1 and then 5-4-1 to close out the game when I was winning, but that didn't happen. I'm finding it really hard to score. Got a 0-0 draw with Sunderland and Manchester United to start the season then played my reserves and won p2-2 against Rochdale in the Capital One Cup. Went into Liverpool with high hopes because they were 2 places above me and got smashed 0-4 by a Gerrard hat-trick. Tottenham, Chelsea then Newcastle next. Baptism of fire. As for transfers I sold Jara for £3.2m and I'm in the process of selling Fortune for £2.5m. I brought in Rincon (1.3m) because he's one of my favourite players. Also got Antolin Alcaraaz from Wigan for 1.7m, Milos Nincovic from Dynamo Kyiv for 2.5m. I bought Arthur Boka from Stuttgart because he had 18 acceleration but he's so poor, but that could be me not playing a decent formation.
  2. My mate got a packet and called it Crispy Creams. I don't think he deserves them.
  3. I'm not even an Arsenal fan and I wanted him to go anywhere but United. The worst of all worlds. The FA said they'd block the transfer to Fleetwood, he'd only use it because they play more games than the rest of the footballing world and his ban would be over quicker. Probably wouldn't even play before getting sent back the ****.
  4. It's not bad up here, but we could use a few more clubs. Everywhere seems to be closing with the recession and it's the same club 'specializing' in a night a week. Can't complain about the prices though
  5. Lived near Ashbrooke last year and now I'm living opposite the Uni by New Durham road.
  6. Looking forward to playing as West Brom on the next FM. I'm in the second season in at the moment and I'm unable to get players like Lukaku and El Ghanassy. Couldn't even get Foster to commit.
  7. Lyoto was probably the best pick Dana could have made, the only person to win a round against Jones and with his impressive counter punches probably the only person who can touch him enough to get the belt back. I don't think anyone else has a chance apart from Gustafsson but Dana won't give him a title shot any time soon. Bisping is facing the same situation; all he ever does is fight wrestlers and as a stand-up specialist he can't be expected to win all the time and yet when he does he's no where near a title shot. Lombard, as much as I like him and blame Octagon fear and high altitude for his loss, manages to beat B-listers and has more of a chance at a title shot than Bisping. Frankie Edgar for the title this weekend? Should've won the first fight IMO.
  8. No but if I did Marvin Martin as he's the transfer Lille got to replace him. Failing that Dries Mertens is my AMR/AML so probably him.
  9. Took a break to play some NBA 2K11 in anticipation for the release of NBA 2K13 and when I came back Debuchy got injured for 3 months from a broken ankle; 1 week after I'd just doubled his wages because he'd asked for a new contract (OM and PSG wanted him). Carvalho just came back from injury but is not match fit; Alexis is still bugged so I can't play him in anything but Champions League and Beria is injured for 2-3 weeks. Oh and Digne is out for 2 weeks following an injury from Birmingham playing him (He was on loan). I'm now stuck with Romario (retrained as both RB and LB), Alderwerield, Kalas and Kara, but nobody can play RB/LB aside from Romario; I'm out of loan moves and I've just spent £12m on N-something; Belgium's 23 year old MC/DM to replace Mavuba. I might cancel the loan of Frimpong and get a short term loanee for 3 months and play Romario / Loanee / Beria or I might spend the rest of my £15m bringing in a RB/LB. I was thinking maybe Sime Vrsyjlko (SP?) but he wouldn't get here until January (couple of months away) so I could use a joker signing. I don't know. I know Debuchy and Beria are going to feature in my plans for the future with Romario as my solid replacement and also injury cover but got ****ed with a 3 month and 3 week injury. I can now see why Mourinho went grey and Steve Clarke lost all his hair in 1 year. On the positive I smashed Valencia 5-0 before Debuchy got his ankle broken and I'm currently 1st in the league because PSG lost then drew to 10th placed teams.
  10. Same thing happened to me. He's been complaining for the entire first season (as did Kurt Zouma) and either team had the players up for around £2-3m but when I put in a bid for their transfer listed value the club negotiates and asks for £6m. I decided against it in the end.
  11. Ouch. I just got mine and I play Valencia, who I had in the group last year and beat to go through with Arsenal; Napoli who beat me last year and won the thing and Basel. I think second is a realistic target I should aim for. No idea how I sold Basa for that much, I was going to keep him but Birmingham wanted him so I offered him for £15m and Birmingham offered £10m. Now they're getting taken over by a millionaire so I guess all good in the midlands. Transfer news I got Carlos Fierro who I signed at the end of last year but forgot about it who's in development. I also picked up Carvalho from Real Madrid for £700,000. He's old but the best defender I've got and the experience he brings is helping tutor my players. He just got injured for 7 weeks so that sucks. I also brought in Alexis from Sevilla who's able to play in the Champion's League but every time I try and register him it just takes me to Sevilla's page rather than to the legue 1 registration page. The icon on the left of his name suggests I should be able to register him but at the moment it's a no-go. Maybe when the registration comes round again I'll be able to but I've never experienced this before. I am also heading into September but I'm 2nd to Montpellier by 1 point. Paloschi is doing amazing and has scored 7 goals in the league. Just hamered Roma 7-1 on aggrigate (3-1 at my place, 4-0 at theirs). So far so good. Even the fans who gave me 30% confidence for signing Taraabt because he was a trouble maker have changed their minds and are now giving the transfer 100% confidence.
  12. Just finished my first season with Lille. A respectable 3rd place for me, but I did win the French Cup, Coupe de la Ligue and Champions Trophy as well as an amazing run in the Champions League were I was semi-finalists after beating AC Milan 4-2 on aggregate and Real Madrid 3-3 going through on away goals because of Roux's goal at the Bernabeu. I lost 3-2 to eventual winners Napoli (all the goals being home games) after Beria got a red for a double footed tackle (and 3 match ban) against AC Milan in the second game and Kara, Cole and Hazard being suspended on yellow cards my team was very shakey in the first game against Napoli *curses Blatter* Transfers I bought in a ton of players; Alderweireld, Butland, Kara, Romario and Gaucho coming transfer-wise during the summer as well as loans of Everton's Victor Anichebe and Barcelona's Rafinha and Deulofeu. During the joker transfers I was offered an unhappy Mbaye Niang for £3.6m so I took it. Transfers out I got rid of Rozenhall (who took West Brom (one of my favourite teams) by storm and took them to 5th), Chedjou to Bayern amdf Enymena to Manchester City (I dislike African Cup of Nation players) but he did take the league by storm and actually cemented a place in the first team because Joe Hart got injured, and by the time Hart recovered Enymena was too much on form. I also loaned out Jelen, Balmont, Souare and Gueye and got rid of most of the reserves so I ended up making massive profit of £50-odd million for the season. Star performers were Hazard (star of the season with most assists), Kara and Beria were solid at the back and Naing did amazing when he was brought in. Payet was also amazing with great wing play and he managed (along with Debuchy) to get France to win the Euros. Roux started off the campaign on fire, notching up great performances but when we went into the winter break and I Niang came in he fell apart, his confidence went and he didn't score for 10 hours of football until the goal at Real Madrid's place (but it sent us through so no complaints). Second season is just in pre-season and I've bought in frees, verteran tutors and some new first teamers. James Ward-Prose and Jake Sinclair have joined me from Southampton (where I was born and have managed to sucsess before) as well as an amazing regen called Frank Messi who's stats really are that of the Argentinian's mixed with Ribery (and he's French). Litmanen and Wiltord have joined as tutors and possible staff-roles for the future. I've sold Basa for £10m to Birmingham; Payet to Tottenham for £11m; Rodelin to Montpellier for £1.6m; Balmont and Vandam both to Sampadoria for £2.5m and with the money I've bought QPR's Taraabt for £3.7m, Roma's Lamela for £5m, Dries Mertens for £5m (chose me over West Ham), Marco Veratti for £1.5m, Pereyra for £1.5m as well as getting AC Milan's Paloschi and Erick Grendel for free. I also bought in Man united's Macheda, Chelsea's De Bryune and Tomas Kalas and Arsenal's Frimpong on loan (20-50% wages, no up front fee). I'm in the process of selling Nolan Roux for £7m as I've got Paloschi, Niang and Macheda and I only use 1 striker.
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