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  1. Does anyone else think this could work well if SI got it right? It's successful on Fifa but hugely flawed, I think it would be a great addition to FM if they were to do it. Would help the game take off online too..
  2. Hi, I have recently bought the Dell XPS 17 with the 555m graphics card, a huge upgrade from my last PC. The video rating on FM12 is only 3 and a half stars, despite it cruising through the recommended specs and being able to run BF3 on high settings. When I have the graphics on high it is not a smooth experience and on medium it's fine but the graphics are not as good. Any idea why it is like this on a laptop that should be able to run it with its eyes closed? Before anyone says, I have the latest drivers.
  3. How, the, ****? I won the CL in this game but it felt hollow after that shootout..
  4. Everytime I have a bid accepted or offer a current player a new contract it blanks everything out and doesn't let me finalize or offer any deal, only letting me walk away. I am well under my wage budget so is this a bug or what?
  5. I have the E8400 processor @ 3.0ghz I have had some heating issues since getting a new PSU where the temps have been at 100c idle, but I've fixed them back down to 38c. I don't know how long before today my temps have been as high as they were! It does seem to be ok now because they're not constantly in the 50s...
  6. Sign Willian. An absolute must signing. You can get him for £8-12m and he has won player of Ligue 1 in all his 3 seasons, averaging 7.80 and scoring around 15 goals a season in his AML position. He also won WC 2014 best player and is valued at £25m now. I cannot praise him highly enough!
  7. My CPU temperature is 38c when idle most of the time, and when I load FM it stays at around 40-45c until I start processing the game (dates, results etc), then it goes to 50-60c and then back down again when it stops. I know this game is ran mostly via the CPU, but is this anything to worry about or is it normal?
  8. can someone PM me the right torrent that you've downloaded?
  9. where is the torrent? the one on sortitoutsi has no seeders or leechers?
  10. I have added VdV and Balotelli on loan for the season, adding to an already amazing squad. I am so tempted to sell Menez though, his stats aren't the best for the frontline i use (AMR AML ST) but i have no idea who to replace him with. Kind of hoping Man City will let me have Mario cheap when the loan finishes (if he's successful though) Has anyone signed Willian though? I got him for £12.75m and on cheap wages and his stats are amazing, a big improvement for Nene who I flogged for £5.5m and younger too Most of the players I've signed have been on the transfer/loan list.
  11. Just completed season one. Won Ligue 1 and the French Cup. My team is pretty much complete now, and will surely dominate for years. GK: Sirigu DR: Vrsaljko DC: Sakho DC: Lugano DL: Kolarov (£4.3m) DM: M'Vila (£7m) CM: Moussa Sissoko (£12m) AMR: Menez AMC: Pastore AML: Willian ST: Gameiro (Leandro, Wilfred on bench) Incredible team for the division they're in. Would you sell Menez for £22m though? Average stats and Chelsea bid that for him, not sure who I could replace him with though. I may have Balotelli and VDV coming in on loan too.
  12. im loving this save, they are the perfect team to play as. capital city club, sleeping giant who haven't had success for a long time, good youngsters, and obviously a chairman who pumps millions into the club. 5 points top after 27 games but lyon have a game in hand, also play them in the last 16 of europa league. loving it!
  13. I must say it's great having a chairman pump his millions into the club every few months.
  14. I've been playing him there all season but he's been disappointing
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